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Show Us Your House: Breakfast Nook

Today’s stop on the House Tour is the Breakfast Nook. Adjacent to both the kitchen and the family room, this is where the kids eat most of their meals and where I do most of my blogging. I showed you how it looked in 2009, then there were major changes in 2010. Well there have been even more major changes since then, pretty much a total reversal.

I love my dark wood table and chair set that I got at World Market a couple of years ago. I wish it were big enough to fit all of us but the space just isn’t large enough to accommodate that size of a table.  For being not a high end table this one sure has withstood the abuse of our kids and it still looks brand new!

I love that the previous owners upgraded the chandelier before we bought the house, it saved me from having to do it. I did take down the ugly floral curtains that they left behind, preferring to just leave it open. I love how bright and sunny it is in the room and thankfully we don’t have any neighbors directly behind our house to worry about.

I love the picture on the wall but I’m planning to bronze the frame to cut down on the brassy appearance. I’m also planning to paint the walls in the near future. The green is lovely but after 7 years, I’m ready for a change. I’m thinking of a chocolate brown on the bottom and a lighter taupe on top. The sad part? I told Matt that I was planning to paint the room using shades of brown and he thought the walls already were brown. He’s red/green colorblind. That gave me a good laugh.

So that’s our breakfast nook area. It’s not very big but it suits our purposes for now. It’s the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee and work on the computer.

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