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Show Us Your House: Bathrooms

Today’s stop on the tour is the Bathrooms! I don’t think I’ve ever shown you our guest bathroom or the kids bathroom before. Mainly because they generally reside in a state of….well, slum. And as real as I am on this blog even I would be embarrassed to show you the kids bathroom after they’ve blown through it like a tornado.

These 2 bathrooms are one of the main things I would change about this house. The guest bathroom on the first level also doubles as the laundry area. I hate this. Who wants their guests staring at their dirty laundry? I mean, it’s not like we are entertaining The Queen of England or anything but still! Not to mention that amount of laundry generated by a family of 7 people cannot be contained by a laundry closet! I need a room, people. A whole room. So without further ado, here is the Guest Bathroom minus the laundry area because that deserves it’s own post.

The color is a bit more of a vibrant yellow than how it showed up in the pictures. Fortunately the previous owners did all the work in the bathrooms before we bought the house. They installed the ceramic tile, the pedestal sink, all the fixtures, and the gorgeous mirror.

It’s a small bathroom so it was hard to take pictures to show the whole thing. I have plans in the next year to paint this bathroom, update the decor and replace the huge towel rack with a smaller hand towel holder.

I love the mirror with the black and bronzed trim. I had a beautiful soap dispenser that matched perfectly until one of my children managed to destroy it. I won’t mention any names but he’s 4 years old and used my soap dispenser as a baseball bat.

Now on to the kids bathroom upstairs. This bathroom is the bane of my existance sometimes. It’s way too small for so many kids to be sharing. If we had known that our family was going to almost double in size when we first saw this house, we would have kept looking. But we are here and we’re not going anywhere for a long time.

I’m not a fan of the decor in this bathroom. It’s the same color as the guest bathroom on the first floor. I haven’t updated this bathroom since we moved into the house 7 years ago. But it will be redone within the next year. I want it to be a little less old lady. Ha! I’m thinking maybe chocolate brown with bright accent colors in the decor.

We only have one sink. For 5 kids. Did you just gasp in horror? I know, I feel the same way. It’s a nightmare when everyone is trying to get ready at the same time. At least the previous owners updated the ceramic tile, the sink top, the fixtures, and the mirror. All I need to do is update the decor, which is my favorite part!

I can’t wait to change up the colors in here. I’m ready for something totally different! I have been pinning all kinds of great ideas for creative use of small space in bathrooms. I can’t wait to actually use some of those ideas for a change. Ha!

Those are 2 of our bathrooms! I’ll be showing you the master bathroom tomorrow, it’s my favorite bathroom in the house. Yay!

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