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Post Notes: 15 Favorite Posts for May

{Post Notes is a?monthly feature that?showcases different posts from around the blogosphere that made me smile, laugh, or cry, made me think, or taught me something new. If you like what I link, please leave them a comment and let them know where you came from}

The Dude’s Guide to Surviving Your First Pregnancy at Dude of the House. Sound advice for any man who has an expectant wife! Mr.McHunky agrees, as evidenced by the extreme nodding that took place as I read it to him.

Whole Food: Little Carts at Late Enough. I laughed while reading this one because we have the same issue whenever we go and there are no more little carts. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Hummus hoarding?

Don’t Touch That Cow at Write, Rinse, Repeat. It’s not often that a post actually makes me snort Mtn Dew up my nose but this one did it. You have to read this post, you just have to. It’s about a trip to the Safari Park and it has the absolute best photobomb that I have ever seen. Ever.

There’s No Coming Back from That at For the Love of Writing. Sarcasm Goddess gives us a little glimpse into the world of competitive kickballing. Just a little tip- it’s a bad thing when your legs give out on you. Go read this and be thankful you don’t play kickball.

Attn: Soon to be Uncles at Good Youngman Brown. Oh man, this is hysterically funny advice from one man to another about what to expect after your sister has a baby. The boobs, the poop, the nipples….all of it is true. Haha!

How to Miss a Childhood at Hands Free Mama. Ouch. I read this one with a lump in my throat because I’m guilty of more than a couple of things on her list. This post was a giant reminder to me that I need to balance my time wisely.

This Body at Mama Wants This. Alison is 2 weeks postpartum and I am in love with this post that she wrote about celebrating her body for what it’s given her.

Nobody Can Judge Us at Mama’s Monologues. I seriously cannot even tell you how much I love this post about being judged as a mother. I’ve been on the receiving end of those judgments many times and this post just says everything that I wish I could.

Teach Your Kids Not to be Dbags at Growing Up Geeky. Melissa’s post about being made fun of and left out as a teenager hit home for me. I endured my own fair share of bullying because of a medical condition.?Plus, the picture of her beautiful mom made me smile because I think Melissa looks just like her.

You’re Full of Crap at Pish Posh. Oh my Gah. As someone who is severely lactose intolerant and also harbors an intense love of cheesy pizza, I was alternately cringing in sympathy and laughing out loud at this post! Picture a room full of people and some intestinal distress….go read and feel the pity!

Summer Guilt of a Working Mom at Werd Yab. If you’re not reading this blog then you are missing out on some funny. Amanda is hilarious and this post is one of my favorites.

Mommy Confessions at Flats to Flip Flops. Ashley is one of my amazing sponsors and after reading this post I have a total girl crush on her. She writes how motherhood is hard for her and I totally relate. I feel the same way as she does about the playing and the pretending and the running all over.

Embarrassing Things That Toddlers Say at Sellabit Mum. Tracy reminds me why I never ever take my little kids into the dressing room with me. My ego simply cannot take the abuse.

Brain Clutter at Hollow Tree Ventures. Robyn is so hysterical that she can even make brain clutter funny. The picture of the breakdown of her brain made me laugh so hard. Probably because mine looks just like it…..

A Sperm Story at Dear Harrison. As an adoptive mom and someone who battled through infertility for many years, I loved this post. It had me chuckling out loud as I recalled all the Old Wives Tales and Great Aunt’s magic smoothie recipes that were given to me to aid in the conception of a child. Even Matt laughed out loud when I read it to him and it’s an unscientifically proven fact that his sense of humor was removed to make room for more sarcasm. So you should definitely read this.

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  • Thanks lady:) You sure know how to make a gal feel good, especially when she was feeling a little iffy!

  • Thanks, Delilah! I appreciate your support ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Woohoo! Thanks for adding me to this list. I appreciate all the help and advice that you have been so kind to offer. I’m already making some of these changes. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll keep in touch.

  • This is a great idea! And now I have my Sunday night reading list ๐Ÿ™‚

  • These look great! I’m a little swamped with blogs right now so can’t go through them – but I’ve booked marked this page so that the next time I’m hunting for blogs I’ll have somewhere to start! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I now have a goal to meet. Getting listed here one month…

  • Thanks for including me, love!

  • Thanks so much for including me! ::turns three shades of red and shuffles feet::

    Your list is great – I got to feel on top of things for having already read several of them, as well as find some new folks to stalk. ๐Ÿ™‚