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Little Letters

Dear Weather, raining and storming on the first three days of summer vacation is just plain rude. Get it together…..Dear School System, the amount of homework that you sent home for my kids to do over the summer makes me laugh. It’s not happening…..Dear Bailey, I saw you contemplate peeing behind the chair. Don’t. It will end badly……Dear Sonic, I am in love with your slushies and so are my kids. Thanks for Happy Hour, it’s a special treat for my kids…..Dear True Blood, Oh My Gosh I have missed you. Welcome back…..Dear Matt, thanks for going to the ABC store specifically for Peach Schnapps so I can make a Fuzzy Navel. Your sacrifice is duly noted and I’m sure the clerk doesn’t think you’re batting for the wrong team now…..Dear AMC Theaters, I think you suck for discontinuing the Summer Movie Camp and I’m giving all my business to Regal from now on in protest…..

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  • Your school sends homework? (notice how all of the commenters are incredulous here!!) I did ask for extra work for my youngest dd but she has dyslexia and it’s a private school. (and it was only a page a day) While I can see where the school is going with this; as a kid; I’d be pretty ticked off. (even dd is not thrilled but it’s like therapy and non negotiable and filled with rewards)

  • We got a few “suggestions for what to do with your summer” packets, but homework? Pfft. Although I do make my youngest do TeachTown and my oldest read every day, but I’m mean like that.

  • Summer homework?! WTF! Not cool at all! And now I TOTALLY want a fuzzy navel.

  • Homework over the summer!?! Who does that!!! Not cool school system! Hi there! Stopping by from your link on Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby!