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Dear 15 year old Self,

{I’m kicking off a 9 week summer guest post series today. Each week I will post a letter that my guest poster has written to their teenage self. I hope you’ll join me each week and get to know some of my bloggy friends better. Today’s letter is my own.}

I know you’re not going to want to hear all the things I need to tell you but I hope you will at least take some of this information under advisement. Your life will go much smoother if you listen to me…to you…to me…errr…us?? Wait, stop! Don’t run away. This is not a multiple personality speaking. We are not Sibyl. I am you, almost 20 years in the future, and we need to chat. You are about to make some decisions that will impact your life forever and while I doubt I can talk you out of those decisions, I can at least warn you and hopefully steer this ship slightly back on course.

You know that really cute older boy that has been giving you smiles lately? The one that makes your heart go pitter patter when you see him glancing your way? Run. He is not who you think he is and the rumors about him are true. I know you like to see the best in people at this age, believe me you will outgrow that in the future, but this time your instincts are dead wrong. He is no good. He will suck you in with his sweet talk and his protective nature and by the time you realize that those things were masking his possessive and volatile personality, it will be too late. He will be your first serious boyfriend and he will leave scars, both physical and emotional, that will take you a lifetime to overcome. I know you aren’t going to be able to resist his charms in the beginning so please hear me when I tell you this- don’t be afraid to tell someone. Don’t wait too long, you don’t want to know how bad it will get.
Stop obsessing over your non-existent cellulite and tummy pooch. Your mirror is lying to you. Enjoy this time in your life when your boobs still point north and your pants don’t have an elastic waistband. Once you pop out a couple of kids you will realize what cellulite, tummy pooch and saggy boobs really look like. You look exactly like what a 15 year old should look like, embrace it. At some point in the future you will choose to bury your pain by starving your body of food and nutrients. You will come very close to losing yourself. Don’t let the mirror lie to you. And for the love of wine, eat a Snickers bar.

I know you think you are invincible, but you are not. One Friday night in the future you will be getting into a car with a friend who was a little bit more inebriated than you thought. You will feel a little niggling sensation in your mind telling you to stop but you will want to ignore it. Don’t ignore it, that is your intuition speaking to you. Listen. That friend is more drunk than you realize and getting in that car will lead your life down a path that will cost you dearly. All those plans that you have to play college soccer, they will be destroyed by that one split second decision.

I will only tell you this once. Tequila is not your friend. If you find yourself face to face with a tequila bottle, you should walk away. Otherwise you will wake up one morning at the beach with a wicked hangover, a vague recollection of peeing in the bushes and a shiny new belly button piercing. Yeah. You will also be missing a shoe, wearing someone else’s shirt and there will be grass in your hair and sand in your bra. It will be best to not ask too many questions. Again, Tequila is not your friend.

During your freshman year in college you will be on the receiving end of a dare that will not end well. When that stupid girl with the love of cardigan sweaters dares you to take off all your clothes and skinny dip in the fountain that will be right smack in the middle of the campus, you should say no. I know the Jello shots will make it seem like a great idea but trust me, that girl is not your friend. And she owns a video camera. There will be a scandal.

I hope you will heed some of these well intentioned warnings. You have a bright future ahead of you and it will be even better than you can imagine now at such a young age. Don’t be in such a rush to grow up, enjoy your youth while you have it. Believe me, grown up responsibilities aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

With Love,
Your 34 year old Self

PS- Oh and when your friend Steph tells you that she can highlight your hair for you using good old fashioned bleach- she is wrong. Do not take her up on that offer. It will end with tears, missing clumps of hair and a bloody nose. Trust me.

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  1. I love this idea!

    And it sounds like you had quite the colorful youth! LOL

  2. Love this idea and it sounds like you’ve had some adventures!

  3. Oh I LOVE this!!! It’s so good!

  4. I’m only 20 (almost 21) but could write one of these to myself even now. Would like to think that things happen for a reason.

  5. Sounds like we had the same A-hole boyfriend at 15… Good stuff!

  6. Great idea. I’ll have to give this some thought.

  7. Awesome letter!

  8. This post is fanstastic! What a great idea!!

  9. Wow!!! What adventures you’ve had!
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have been able to give ourselves advice?

  10. I love this! I’ve been thinking about writing one but 15 years self was only 6 years ago, so its still too fresh 😛

  11. Oh my goodness I love this!!!!!! Great idea!!!!!