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So What?

{Unsolicited Admissions of Weekly?Failure at it’s Finest}

So What If:

*The kids are desperate to go on a camping trip and I am…..not. I don’t camp. I hate camping. I hate bugs. I hate peeing in the woods and ending up with poison ivy on my lady garden. My parents loved to camp and their instance on camping in 90 degree heat with absolutely no modern conveniences caused me significant emotional trauma. No camping.

*I have a hard time not giggling at Zoey’s over-the-top tantrums. The foot stamping, the growling, the red face, the clenched fists…she looks like a miniature Coach Bob Knight. If she throws a chair I might lose it completely and laugh out loud.

*I think the guy in the All State commercials is kind of hot. You know, the Mayhem guy? Yeah. I can’t explain it but I think he’s hot. Matt says it because I have a secret fantasy of throwing him off the roof or running over him with a car. He might be right.

*I want to smack the solicitors that show up on my doorstep at naptime. I don’t understand why my sign is not enough for them. Do they want me to turn the hose on them? And ringing the doorbell more than one time accompanied by loud repeated knocking will do nothing but make me want to throat punch you off my doorstep.

*This past week is the second week in a row that I have mistakenly thought it was Thursday but it was actually Wednesday. I think it’s entirely possible that my body is rejecting Wednesdays. I have no logical explanation for this.

*Maia had her 1st grade school concert last week. There was one little girl who was really bustin’ a move in the back row. I made the mistake of joking to my sister that she would either be a showgirl or a stripper. Maia overheard me and went to school repeating what I said. Whoopsy. I still stand by my statement. And just for the record, my vote is for stripper.

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  • Used to love tent camping. Then we borrowed a friend’s travel trailer – never will I tent camp again. Until I get a trailer we just won’t camp.

    As for soliciters. We have a 114lb dog. I open the door a crack and shove my knee in as the dog’s HUGE head pokes out. They usually leave skid marks on the porch. LOL

  • We do love to camp.

    In an air conditioned pop-up camper parked on an electric site near the restrooms.

  • My wife’s version of roughing it is three stars…

  • Weekly failure at its finest – that’s me too.

  • When my kids were little, we had dogs that would bark their heads off if anyone knocked on the door or rang the doorbell. I put a note on my door “If I didn’t invite you and you’re not bringing me free pizza do NOT knock on my door. I have a large dog and a shotgun and it’s a toss up as to which one I will answer with.” Seemed to work mostly on the Mormons or Jehovah’s witnesses. Not so much on the college kids selling World Books.

  • I don’t like camping either and so funny about the 1st grade stripper

  • yeah it’s getting a little too hot to camp. for sure. there is nothing worse than sleeping in a hot sauna tent in a down sleeping bag. maybe you can find a nice campground with cabins? Stopping by from SWW!

  • Pictures, woman, pictures! If you are to speak of the hotness, we must see proof for ourselves!

  • I’m all for log cabins and being away from civilization. By no one gets between me, electricity and indoor plumbing. NOBODY! And the “Mayhem” guy sure is cute!

  • I would love to camp, as long as it is in a 5 Star cabin? Is there such a thing? Oh, and my first grader constantly repeats what I say! When will I learn! Too funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I hate how solicitors don’t read the NO SOLICITING sign! They bang on my door so I open it up enough to point to the sign and shut the door. One guy called me a bitch cause I wouldn’t by meat off his truck.

    I love the Mayhem guy!

  • I totally think the Mayhem guy is hot too! I also have no real desire to go camping. My husband wants to but I just don’t! My idea of a vacation does not involve bugs, dirt, and no indoor plumbing! I like this idea for a blog post, I may do one too soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m gonna second that for the Mayhem Guy…If we ever switch to that insurance, I expect him to show up if I file a claim.

  • My father was in the army. As a city boy, he never camped until then. As a city boy, he got his fill of camping (and more) in Korea. We did not camp. Heck, he didn’t like standing in line waiting for food because it reminded him of the mess hall…that’s how his PTSD manifested.

    So, my first ever camping trip, besides a tent in the backyard, was when I was 44 and went to Mexico on a mission trip. I lived through it and went two more times, but I’d never go camping for the “fun” of it.


    The Mayhem Man does clean up nicely, I would think. And is it Matt you want to drive over, or is it the actor. Please do neither. I don’t know what blogging privileges you’d have in jail.