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Show Us Your House: Living Room Tour

Yesterday I showed your our Family Room and today I’m showing you our second living space, which is supposed to be a Formal Living Room. We, being the most informal people ever to walk earth, do not require a formal living room in our house. I don’t expect to be entertaining The Queen for tea anytime soon. If The Queen showed up at my house I’d probably hand her a kid and tell her change a diaper. We opt to use the space as a second Family/Play room. It’s the very first room that people see when they walk in the door to our house, which is unfortunate considering the amount of toys that reside in the room.

It used to be strictly a playroom when I first gave you a tour back in 2009. I showed you all the changes in 2010?when we made the space a little more?grown up. Here is what it looks like today after even more changes.

We added the large entertainment bookcase. I gave you a tour of my journey to organize it back in March. I was looking to create a comfortable and kid friendly space in this room. I think I did that.?I didn’t spend a lot of money because I wanted the kids to be comfortable playing and using the space. The couches and chair are from the family room, we moved them in here when we bought the leather couches. The rug was $20 at Wal*Mart. The coffee table was $20 at IKEA. I didn’t spend any money at all decorating the entertainment bookcase, I pulled everything from other rooms in the house.

That’s our front door in the left corner. See what I mean about this being the first room that people see? Yeah. I meant that literally. At least I’m able to keep the clutter contained in the bookcase bins. This year I’m planning to paint the banisters, I hate the wood with the cream. Gah. I also have a new light fixture to replace the one hanging in the foyer but I haven’t had a chance to badger Matt into hanging it up yet.

This is the view from the front door. Not too bad, huh? Especially for how little I spent on the room transformation. I’m pleased and so is our credit card. I’m looking for a few throw pillows that match but haven’t found any that I’m in love with yet. That just gives me an excuse to head back to IKEA again. Ha!

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  2. I like your simple, clean living room! I think it’s welcoming for guests and comfortable for your family. And pretty too!

    ~Ellie @ beauty4ashes-ellie.blogspot.com

  3. Very neat and organized! Looks great:)Thanks for sharing
    ~Heather @ourcultivatedlife

  4. You definitely made it comfortable and kid-friendly! Very inviting space. Thanks for sharing… I always love being able to look inside others’ homes without being THAT neighbor {or stranger} who always tries to steal a glance… Looking at pictures online is far less creepy! LOL

    http://www.domesticblissdiaries.com – The Making + Managing of Home

  5. Wow- I love the height of those windows and the entertainment bookcase is amazing. Useful and neat. Great job!

    Visiting from Kelly’s Korner and checking out all the wonderful living rooms. I would love it if you could come visit my blog when you get a chance. I host a Weekend Blog Walk and would love to have you join in the fun… great group of bloggers. http://www.athometake2.blogspot.com

  6. Love Ikea! When we lived in San Diego we would go monthly. It was so fun to walk through the store.
    You’re home is beautifully decorated. The mix of colors and textures is wonderful.
    You’ve done an amazing job!
    I’m having so much fun visiting SUYL participants. I’ve been able to get some great decorating ideas and see some lovely living rooms.

  7. I like it too! Yes, formal non-functional living rooms are over rated anyway!

  8. So clean & organized! Very nice!

  9. I like it!!

  10. Um, your house is seriously gorgeous, and like everyone else said, I’m seriously jealous. So, you basically are the funniest blogger ever, can whip up storm of amazingly good food and moonlight as an interior decorator??

  11. OMGosh I am very jealous…Compared to our living area this is TOTALLY fit for tea with the Queen…Currently my book shelves have been over run with a 4yr olds “decorating”….a baby crib full of dolls, Barbie house and lots and lots and lots of Duplo…and I really don’t expect that to change much between now and the start of the new school yr lol.

    Blessings Kelsie

  12. Well I think it’s just beautiful. I love how light, clean and fresh it feels! I’m really into white lol… Thanks for sharing this with us and I think you’ve done a brilliant job!

  13. Martha Stewart would be jealous.