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Show Us Your House: Family Room Tour


I have so much fun seeing the inside of other people’s homes. I get all giddy with excitement and it’s really quite embarrassing. Especially when it happens in real life. Luckily with all the fabulous home tours that some of my favorite bloggers do during the year I can keep my squeels and gasps to a smaller audience, ie- my poor children who roll their eyes and sigh loudly.

Today I’m showing you our Family Room. We are blessed to have two living spaces in our current home. We use one as the main family room where Matt and I spend much of our time. The other one is technically a Living Room, as in a Formal Living Room, but if you’ve spent…I don’t know,?5 minutes, around this blog then you know just how informal we are as a general rule. So we use it as a secondary family/living/play room area. I’ll be showing you that space tomorrow, assuming I can bribe the small children out of the room with cookies so I can take pictures.

I first shared pictures of my Family Room back in 2009 and then I showed off our new furniture in 2010. I’ve made some changes since then and the room is still a work in progress….as is most of my house right now. It made me laugh to look at the pictures from the last tour and then today’s tour because despite the fact that I have rearranged the main furniture in this room at least 5 times since the first tour, it’s all in exactly the same spot today. So without further ado…

This picture was taken while standing in the doorway to the kitchen. I still have not printed the pictures I want for those black frames over the desk. One day, this will happen. Perhaps by next year’s tour? For now I’m just going to call it Abstract Art. I love how comfortable and relaxed this room is for us. The rug is the same one from last time that I found on clearance at Target for $50! It’s held up wonderfully to 5 kids traipsing all over it all the time.

This is the view from the hallway coming from the living/play room. This side of the room is still waiting for me to find something I love to hang on the wall beside the fireplace as well as new curtains for the french doors. I’m not totally in love with the big vase in front of the fireplace either but I haven’t found anything else yet.

This is the view from the corner looking towards the living/play room. That’s the amazing file ottoman sitting right there in the center of the rug.?

The aforementioned corner in the last picture is?what we refer to as “Zoey’s Toy Corner” because well…look at it. Yeah. But she’s little and likes to be playing in the same room where mommy and daddy are hanging out. At least her toys are mostly contained to this one corner of the room and hidden a little bit.

The last view, this one taken looking towards the Breakfast Nook and the Kitchen. I love the flow of this room with the kitchen. I can be cooking dinner and watching Anderson at the same time. Oh and supervising Zoey too, yeah…that’s what I meant to say.

So that’s our family room. It’s a really comfortable area to hang out and it’s where I do most of my blogging. Right there on the right side of the big couch. If you look closely you can probably see my permanent butt imprint. No…don’t look. Move along, nothing to see here…

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  1. I love the wall color, very inviting!

  2. You have a pretty living room. I love the neutral colours.

  3. Great space! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  4. Wow! Love this, please share it! Link it up with me on my Wow Us Wednesday, ok? Over at http://www.familyhomeandlife.com

  5. Fabulous Family room! It looks so comfy and cozy! I love the openness and the way it flows into the other rooms! Just the kind of family room I love!

  6. Love it! And so tidy, even with 5 kids. We have 4, and I’m due with number 5 this month so I hope I can keep up once she gets here. I love looking at other peoples homes as well. Just posted part one of my house tour on my blog also: milamslittlebluehouse.blogspot.com.


  7. i love how open your home feels, what great flow!

  8. What a beautiful, cozy room! I love the warm tones and the art & photo arrangements! And we have toy corners too :}

    Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}

  9. You’ve done a great job. I love that little wall of black frames. So pretty! And, it’s very hard to believe there are 5 kids there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So fun to see how other bloggers live. I love this link-up!

  10. Very nice! Love your fireplace and wall color.

  11. What a great idea to have a place for the little one’s toys and things.
    You’re home is beautifully decorated. The mix of colors and textures is wonderful.
    You’ve done an amazing job!

  12. It looks like a really comfortable and relaxing room! I agree it’s so nice to be able to see into the family room from the kitchen so the kids can be in there while you cook.

  13. So pretty and peaceful – I love all of the frame and photo collages!

  14. love it!!! and i love the Zoe little corner

  15. What a lovely space! Your sofas look super comfy and if you’re bribing with cookies count me in!

  16. Looks clean, cozy & inviting!

  17. Wow, it’s clean. How many cookies did you give the children, and what exactly was in them? LOL

  18. Pretty room!

  19. Wow! It’s really beautiful and looks so comfortable! Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to seeing other rooms. You’re right, there really is something enjoyable about seeing the inside of homes :)…

  20. I love this room. And I somehow missed the filing ottoman post so I clicked over.
    My OCD heart was FULL TO THE BRIM with warm fuzzies. I will be, in the VERY near future (maybe tomorrow) purchasing the ottoman and installing the file system.

  21. What a lovely and relaxing space! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚
    And since you mentioned how much you love peeking into other peoples homes, feel free to pop on over to my blog where just this morning I gave a “home tour” of my kitchen!

  22. I love the wainscoting!

  23. Nice! I love your living room, so cozy and so clean.

  24. Fun!! I also love to see where others live. Especially bloggers. I feel like I know so much about their lives…seeing where they live (okay now I know this is sounding stalker-y…) is so exciting! A little peek into their “real” life. Not just the blog life.

    We just bought a new home (SCREAM CHEER CRY WITH EXCITEMENT) & I took a load of photos while we sat in on the inspection. The home was still staged from the previous owner so I can’t wait to get our “stuff” in there & take new photos when it’s really “ours”!!!

  25. How is your house so beautiful and clean when you have kids? I’m impressed.


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