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{Project 365} 2012


Week 18

1- A surefire way to stop a tantrum in process at our house is to whip out the camera. The tears stop immediately and smiles come out.

2- Finally, someone has made a Margarita that is perfectly acceptable for me to drink no matter how early in the day it happens to be. Next I’m going to try the Mojito flavor.
3- Zoey was so busy watching Curious George that she didn’t even notice I was taking a picture. She’s the one who normally hams it up for the camera!
4- I made a Lemon Lava Cake this week that was positively sinful in it’s deliciousness. Mr.McHunky declared it to be the best cake ever!
5- Maia’s room got a little remodel and update this week and we made plans to make some more changes. She’s reached the stage where she wants a big girl room now.
6- The weather around here has been downright summer like so we’ve spent a lot of time outside at the neighborhood park. Maia has been teaching Mase how to swing himself by pumping his legs. I love those little moments where nobody is fighting or yelling.
7- Zoey has discovered Mase’s Imaginext Batcave set and she’s in love with it. I spent the week digging out all the pieces from Mase’s toybox. She literally has spent hours playing with this. Yay for a girl who likes her big brother’s toys (and double yay for my wallet). Ha!

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  • DelilahLove

    Thank you :)

  • Zizziecards

    that lemon lava looks delicious!  I also love the room remodel… such a cute girl room!

  • http://sarahhalstead.com/ Sarah Halstead

    Great photos!! I love her new room. Going to check out the big photos. 

  • DelilahLove

    Thank you :)

  • Tamar

    Great smiles! Love her new bedroom! 

  • DelilahLove

    If you click on the words “Lemon Lava Cake” it will take you straight to the recipe for the cake. It’s sooooo good. :)

  • DelilahLove

    Thank you :)

  • Lori

    Beautiful children, and love the bedroom!

  • Mary Gene Atwood

    Margaritas in the morning? Genius! I’m wanting to know your recipe for the cake..have a good week.

  • DelilahLove

    Thank you :) Lemon is one of my favorites too! This cake reminds me of summer and sipping lemonade on the back porch!

  • Robin Lambright

    OMGoodness! I love anything lemon! That cake looks to good! 

    Love the re-do in the daughters room tooooooo cute!

    Great week.

  • DelilahLove

    It tastes ever better than it looks!

  • http://amandasadorables.blogspot.com/ Amanda M.

    oh snapppppp, that cake looks ahmazing!!

  • DelilahLove

    Thank you :) It really was yummy. As in past tense yummy because we demolished it. Haha!

  • FindingEncouragement

    Oh that Lemon cake looks wonderful! Love all the pictures! 

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01390647405858661686 Louise Ducote

    Girl, I’m so making that lemon cake this week. Beautiful collage with all the important stuff: home, kids, food and drink!

  • DelilahLove

    I’m very excited to find something yummy that will get me to drink more water. The Margarita flavor is great so I’m trying the Mojito one next. Let me know if it’s good :)

  • DelilahLove

    I’d invite you over for coffee and cake but we demolished the cake already. Haha!

  • jadzia

    I kiiiind of need some of that yummy lemon cake!

  • Sara Bowyer

    I did not know Crystal Light made a mojito flavor….going to grocery store today!!1  :)

    Love the room…it is adorable!!!

  • DelilahLove

    Thanks :) It definitely stops sibling squabbles. It’s most effective if you blast the volume to 100 all of a sudden. That shocks them into silence. Ha!

  • Rita Koch

    Cute kid pics. Will have to remember your #1 trick when the grandkids come around. Will it stop sibbling squabbles?

  • DelilahLove

    I’m willing to pay for some peace and quiet. :)

  • ellie

    #1 worked for me as a mom back in “film” days.  It was a little more costly, but worth it.