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Embracing my Inner Weird




I’ve been told that I’m weird. I accept this with good grace because truth be told, I am weird. Between the strange habits, odd phobias and the tendency to talk to myself- out loud- I can’t really deny the weirdness. I just have to embrace it and laugh. I am who I am and I’m not going to change. Now that my kids are getting older they love to point out some of my quirks and laugh about them. I can’t blame them, as I admitted- I am weird. These little idiosyncrasies of mine drive me crazy sometimes, but not as crazy as they drive everyone around me.


In just an hour out of our day yesterday, the following things occurred that seemed to further cement my label of weird mom.


1. My phone rang and I recognized the number but didn’t want to pick up the phone so I hit ignore. I’m fully aware that I’m going to have to call this lady back at some point. I have what can only be described as Severe Phone Awkwardness. I ramble, I laugh and I sound like I’m on drugs. I do my best to avoid ever talking on the phone and make Matt do as many phone calls as possible.






2. I made a long grocery list, laid it down somewhere, and promptly forgot where I put it. The list contained every ingredient needed for our weekly menu plus all of our household necessities. I didn’t realize that the list was missing until I arrived at the grocery store. I came home with less than half the items on the original list so now I have to make another trip. I still have not found the first list.



3. Ty stuck a quarter into one of those stupid machines at the store that spit out cheap trinkets for kids. He got a bobblehead. I have a phobia about bobbleheads. I do not know why, do not ask me. I assume I suffered from some serious bobblehead trauma as a child. Ty proceeded to torture me all afternoon with that stupid thing.



4. We stopped to eat on the way home from the store at a buffet style restaurant. Matt was nice enough to bring me a plate of food so I could sit at the table with Zoey and not have to wrangle her through the buffet line. When he brought me the plate all the food was touching. I cannot stand to have my food touching on my plate. I also eat my food clockwise and never mix it. I know, I need therapy.






5. While we were eating a friend called to see if I wanted to come join her at a new consignment store that was having a huge sale. I didn’t recognize the area, had never been to that section of town and declined the invitation so I didn’t have to drive. I hate to drive. It’s another phobia. I cannot handle driving in an unfamiliar area. I get all flustered and uptight. It never ends well.



6. Just as we pulled in the driveway I saw our new neighbor come jogging down the street waving some kind of papers in her hand. She was bringing us the mail that had been accidentally delivered to her house by mistake. I made a lame joke about her possibly being a mail thieving felon and followed that one up with an even more lame joke about it being a good thing nothing wrapped in plain brown paper got delivered to her house. She laughed nervously and backed down the driveway quickly. Just another instance of my social awkwardness poking out it’s head to say hello.



7. First thing I did when I came inside was check my email while the boys unloaded the groceries. I immediately noticed an email from the playgroup nazi in my area. She’s in charge of all playgroup activities and she takes her role very seriously. Her email was informing me that our playgroup was being divided and re-assigned. We were being assigned to the new group with almost all new people. I deleted the email and planned to show up at my regular group on the regular day and claim no knowledge of said email. I don’t do change well. There’s also the whole Socially Awkward thing. See above.






8. While we were unloading groceries, there was a knock on our front door. I assumed it was just the neighbor kids wanting to play in our backyard. Instead, it was 2 solicitors holding stacks of paperwork. They looked stunned to see me when I opened the door and started speaking in rapid fire Spanish. I stared at them blankly for a moment before shrugging my shoulders. The man got all offended and switched to English, asking me why I couldn’t speak Spanish. I got all huffy and informed him I didn’t speak Spanish because I live in America where I learned to speak English. Then I slammed the door in his face for being a jerk.



9. A friend called to invite me to a Girls Night Out with a huge group of other women, most of whom I do not know and do not wish to know. I didn’t even hesitate before telling her that I already had plans. I cannot seem to escape my introverted tendencies. I have no desire to mingle with people I have nothing in common with and probably won’t like very much. I’d rather stay home in my comfy pajamas and watch a corny chick flick.



10. I decided that it was already 5 o’clock somewhere and broke out the bottle of wine that had been chilling in the fridge all day.






That’s a glimpse into an hour of my day yesterday. Now that I’m looking at the list, perhaps I should go look into therapy. And AA.


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  • Oh man I can sympathize on #1, 5 & 9. I do not like talking on the phone to anyone other than my family, even for business purposes. I hate driving to unfamiliar places, and it’s only worse at night when you can’t even see the street signs properly. And I have done #9 so many times. Why waste time/energy on an outing that you’re not going to enjoy, with people you have nothing in common with? I’m surprised more people aren’t like us on this one, honestly.

  • My husband would’ve gotten so mad at me for opening the door to solicitors. We watch too much “I Survived”! I love that you have a fear of bobbleheads. That’s awesome.

  • DelilahLove

    Oh no, not a stroller nazi. Those are even worse! I was shunned at the rich playground because I dared show up with a stroller that costs less than $500. I felt poor. Haha! Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll come back and hang out with my social awkward self!

  • DelilahLove

    That’s what I think too. When the phone rings I always sigh and think “why didn’t they just text me?” Haha!

  • DelilahLove

    That makes me feel so much better. Matt laughs at me too and it drives me nuts. I can’t help my neurosis, I blame my mother. Haha!

  • DelilahLove

    Meredith, I love you. That is all.

  • DelilahLove

    Oh thank goodness, another bobblehead hater. They just freak me out! It makes me laugh to look at the jerks from high school now. They became exactly what they deserved to be 😉

  • I have just started reading your blogs today, I clicked something that opened something (I think it started with Pinterest) and there it was. As several of the women above, I too feel that we must be the same person.  I seriously love you.  Have posted a link on my FB page to your blog.  Would just like to ad that although I have managed to steer clear of Playgroup nazis, our area has a prevalent Stroller-nazi problem.

  • I hate my food touching too! ugh! And I always hit ignore on calls and then call back. If its important they will text

  • Emily Janz

    I’m pretty sure that we are the same person. My husband laughs at me because I hate going places I’ve never been before. I always get lost and stressed out. I’m also really glad that you are as socially awkward as me. It makes me feel so much better! I just got a FB invite for a girls night. I knew I “had plans” before I even looked at the date!

  • Love that you have a playgrp. nazi (don’t we all), bottle of wine chilling (I go the far classier boxed wine route), and consider yourself an introvert (I hate all people).  Love, Meredith 🙂

  • Ado

    I think I love you, fellow weirdo.
    “Fellow weirdos, unite!”
    I was considered weird (by one person) in high school. He was popular, back then. But he grew up to be a bland replica of everybody else. I, on the other hand. Well! 
    I was offended when I heard he thought I was weird. So my husband said, “Wouldn’t you want someone as awful as him to think you are weird?” That helped. (-:
    PS: I too hate the bobbleheady things.

  • DelilahLove

    I’m so glad I’m not alone. Haha!

  • #2 and #9 sound pretty much word for word like how i am lol 

  • DelilahLove

    I should turn my phone on silent, it scares the heck out of me everytime it rings! Then I’m flustered and the conversation does not go well.

  • My phone is on silent. In fact I have never heard it ring. And I ignore all forms of organized socialization. I have gotten over the food touching thing though. Also we hugely differ in #10. I break out the chocolate, not wine. 

  • DelilahLove

    I just don’t understand what happens to my lists. I’m going to have to switch to using the app on my phone. Although with my luck I’ll just lose the phone. Sigh.

  • Oh, I will mourn that list with you. I HATE it when that happens. Erin

  • DelilahLove

    Haha! I almost feel normal when surrounded by my blogging peers. We can be a strange bunch but at least we’re fun. I’m much happier when I’m not being distracted by the real world. I blame the dog when I can’t find my lists. I’m convinced that he eats them the second my back is turned.

  • Ducky

    What I learned today: 1. Blogging is so your thing…you don’t have to look at, actually talk to, or in any sense of the concept possess the same airspace with people.

    2. We blog for the same reasons

    3. Its so good to know I am not alone… in my world lists rarely make it to the destination in which they were created for. There HAS to be a fourth dimension. I am convinced they steal our lists and use them for wall paper. Or toilet paper. 

  • DelilahLove

    Oh I would love to send a grocery list to Husband but that just creates more work for me when he calls 15 times to ask me questions. Gah!

  • DelilahLove

    I know, right?! The politics of playgroup are just too much for me. I don’t have the patience for it.

  • DelilahLove

    I can’t believe how much more normal I feel now after all these great comments! And I agree, I’d much rather stay home in my pajamas and watch a movie. I’m starting to feel like an old lady Haha!

  • DelilahLove

    Oh my gosh Robyn, we were separated at birth. I just know it. Or we’re just sisters from different misters. Haha! I feel so much less alone now!

  • DelilahLove

    Oh Tara, I just love you. And pssst, I love Miller Lite!

  • DelilahLove

    I think the doorbell should have a shock buzzer that you can turn on and off for people who abuse it. Haha! Ding dong my bell one too many time and BZZZZZZZZ…I’m shocking your butt. Hahaha!

  • DelilahLove

    At least I’m in good company with my weirdness. Haha! Love you sister-wife.

  • Soonerlaura

    When my kids comment on my weirdness I just remind them it’s hereditary.  I lose things CONSTANTLY that I just had 5 seconds ago.  If I left my grocery list at home, I’d just turn around and go home to join it.  I just an Android app called Out of Milk…you can e-mail it to your husband.

  • That made me laugh…a divided neighborhood playgroup list? Wow. Sounds like Major League Baseball. And I always lose the list, i’ve been keeping for days. The frustrating part for me is that most of the time, I know it made it to the car. 

  • I don’t think you seem weird. At all 🙂 I feel socially awkward much of the time – it’s much easier to be social online than in real life! #9 sounds like me – I’d be confused about even being asked to some kind of Girls Night Out. Wouldn’t people rather stay home in their pajamas and watch TV? I would.

  • Les Botchar

     ah, shoot – you ain’t weird.  Or, we’re all weird.   Oh my – are we all deluded!!??    Let’s discuss over that bottle of wine.

  • I won’t drive in an unfamiliar area, either!  And the phone thing?  I’m hopeless.  I rarely answer a call, I refuse to be the one to order pizzas, and I’ve put off making an ortho appointment for my daughter even though we got the dentist’s referral over 6 months ago, partly because I’d have to talk on the phone, leave the house, AND drive someplace unfamiliar. 😉

  • Tara Robinson

    I guess I am weird too them because all of those apply to me too except for the bobble head thing, and you can change the bottle of wine to Miller Lite……..because I am classy like that.

  • DelilahLove

    Oh honey, you are so not alone! Haha! Thanks for visiting!

  • Jen

    So glad I stumbled across your blog on the SITS Spring Fling.  I’m also glad I’m not the only one that chills wine and imagines it’s ok to drink it as long as it’s 5 o’clock somewhere else!!  

  • DelilahLove

    The funny part is that I have an app on my phone. Why in the world don’t I use it? Haha!

  • I have decided that there is a list eating monster that lives in my house. I can’t even tell you how many times I have done that exact same thing. What saved me was finding a list app for my phone. Not because I never lose my phone, but I can call it when I lose it. You can’t call a piece of paper! Great list and thanks for linking up today!

  • DelilahLove

    People just annoy me when I go in public. It’s safer for everyone if I just stay home. Haha!

  • DelilahLove

    I have to go out in public today. I started giving myself pep talks 2 hours ago. I might get the mirror out and chant “You’re smart enough, you’re good enough, and doggonit, people like you. Haha!

  • DelilahLove

    I couldn’t believe they were so offended that I couldn’t speak Spanish!

  • L S

    Thank you for speaking up IN ENGLISH about needing to speak ENGLISH in America.  Woot!

  • Angela

    I hear you on socially ackward introverts… we may not rise up to take over the world, but we sure as heck will blog about it!

    LMAO at hiding from phone calls & deleting email from playgroup nazi – I do the same.  BTW, losing the grocery list is a weekly occurance in my house… good luck with that one.  It just means we eat pasta all week;)

  • I am in the same boat as many of these. Most days I would rather stay in bad than interact with people. Who needs that?!