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Show Us Your House: Dining Room Tour

I admitted last month in my kitchen tour that I am the nosy neighbor who loves to see other people’s homes, which is why I adore the blogger house tours. I get to peek in people’s houses without trespassing charges and restraining orders.

Our dining room is in what I like to call the ‘transitional phase’, pretty much like the rest of the house at this point. We moved here 7 years ago and we were lucky enough to not need to change anything right away. The previous owners had just repainted the entire interior, laid new carpet and installed new hardwood floors. So we’ve been coasting along as is for 7 years. This is the year that I need to start doing some updates. This year the whole downstairs will be painted, including the dining room.

I shared the progression of our dining room from 2005-2009 and showed you more of the changes in 2010 . Not a whole lot of changes have happened between then and now but there were a couple of minor ones that made a huge impact on the overall appearance of the room. This is what my dining room looks like today.

I repositioned the bar and removed the black cabinet, both of which added so much more space and walking room in here. I also took the 2 extra chairs back out to the breakfast nook and we were given the curio cabinet that is holding my Sno-Babies collection.

The best change was replacing the hanging light fixture. I hated the old one, it was shiny brass and looked like a spider. Hello 1980! This one is gorgeous, you can really see the detail in the next picture. Would you believe that my mom found this fixture at Goodwill, brand new in the original box, for $7! She’s a savvy shopper, that’s for sure!

The dining room has definitely evolved over the past 7 years but now it’s time for a real overhaul. I was hoping to lay new hardwood floors this year but after some unexpected medical costs and unforeseen house repairs, that’s not going to happen quite yet. Instead I will be painting the entire room, having the carpets professionally steam cleaned and replacing the black fabric chairs with brown leather ones from Ikea.

Also in the plans are new placemats, a new centerpiece, antiquing the gold frame mirror and replacing the outdated curtains with either wooden blinds or new curtains. It’s going to be a busy year but I can’t wait to see it all pulled together!

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