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I’d Call Her Van Gogh but She Has 2 Ears

Maia is quite the budding artist and spends hours creating elaborate drawings and paintings. Her favorite class in school is, not surprisingly, art. We received notice a couple of weeks ago that one of her pieces of artwork had been chosen to be displayed in our city’s square. The committee only chooses 2 children from each school per year so this was quite the honor. Monday night was the reception for the families so we got all gussied up and ventured out in public. It’s always a crapshoot on how the outing will go with this family.

Of course, we went to the wrong place. The address on the sheet that was sent home was incorrect, resulting in us parking 5 blocks away and having to walk to the correct building. At least we got to park in Matt’s already paid for monthly parking spot in his company’s parking garage. Still, I wore heels and did not appreciate the 5 block hike. We managed to show up on time for once, with 4 kids in tow that rarely happens. Maia was quick to find her artwork.

I’m just a little bit biased but I think she did an amazing job! Especially for a 7 year old. I think I was still drawing stick figures when I was 7. I managed to wrangle the other kids into allowing me to take a few pictures while we all looked presentable.

Please excuse the half naked child in the second picture. I have no excuses. He’s a handful. Sigh. After we posed for a few pictures we had some extra time to walk around and check out the other entries. There are some super talented kids in our school district! I was impressed. We noshed on some cookies and had some lemonade while we waited for the award presentation to start. It would be during this lull in scheduled activities that I had my awkward social encounter with the art director. Finally it was time for the awards. Not a moment too soon, just ask the art director. Sigh…

Maia is lucky that she does not take after me with my social awkwardness and dislike of being the center of attention. She is comfortable in the spotlight, she’s not shy and she can chat with anyone with nary an awkward moment. Clearly she is not my child. I thought she would relish being singled out and given an award but instead she turned shy and seemed to channel her mother for a moment.

She was all smiles once she was out of the limelight however, proudly showing off her certificate to everyone.

I paused to snap one more picture of the kids and this one picture pretty much sums up our life. I had to laugh when I got home and uploaded it to the computer because it is just so accurate.

Yeah. I know. Welcome to my world.

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  • DelilahLove

    Thank you 🙂 That last shot is my favorite too. It shows them as they are most of the time. Haha!

  • Actually, that last shot is just about my favorite… your kids are entirely edible.

    Congrats to your girlie!  She is rocking the art stuff!

  • At least they are looking at the camera, faces and all! I don’t know how many pictures I take just when someone turns their head and all I get is a picture full of curly hair!
    Your kids are super cute and very talented! stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

  • Love it! She is definitely a budding little artist. My 6yo loves art as well….she did not get that from me. Maybe you were drawing stick figures at 7, but I’m still drawing them, at 28. LOL.

    And I love the pictures, half naked child and all. They are all so beautiful.

    Great post!

  • CJ

    I hope my youngest continues to be an artistic soul. I love seeing how she views the world! Your daughter is mighty talented!

  • Ado

    Maia is very talented for 7! Wow! Also she looks so comfortable being the center of attention in that group photo.
    Love how your family does things by the seat of it’s pants (like ours!). You can only do your best, right? I never would’ve made it the 5 blocks in heels!

  • That picture is so lovely!!

  • I think that her picture is wonderful!

  • Very neat. I have a little artist on my hands as well. She can tera through a notebook with a box of crayons like no ones business.

    And Van Gogh had both ears for a long time…till he went crazy and cut one off, but that was much later in his life. 🙂

  • Jen

    Great drawings! My son loves to draw too.

  • I have to agree that her artwork is awesome. She definitely deserved her spot on that wall. And the kids are adorable too.

    hi from mk’s

  • What a precious AND precocious family! Loved your post!

  • Oh how i just adore the title of this post 🙂
    Love them hamming it up for the camera!

  • I remember my daughter’s first art show. It went a lot like yours. Right down to the awkward encounter. Congratulations to Maia. Your family is just adorable!

  • Wow! That is just beautiful. What a gift!!
    I am loving these photos – family in all its glory and quirkiness. 🙂

  • Congratulations Maia! She is very talented.

  • She is talented! For real–go you for creating such an amazing child! And awesome idea–if ever confusion about her identity, just do a quick ear count 😉

  • She did a great job. Better than anything I can do.

  • Her artwork is beautiful!! You have a lot to be proud of! Such a beautiful family too – you are blessed.

  • What an amazing job she did, I definitely was doing stick figures at 7 or maybe that was when the blob people were popular? Either way, I haven’t progressed far from there 33 years later!! And don’t worry, you will be able to cherish those pictures of the kids for years, I love looking at pictures of my son when he was little – he’s 20 now – so reliving those moments gives me great pleasure and I’m sure they will for you! Enjoy your wonderful family 🙂

  • Maia sure is talented! I love the “mom put down the camera” faces your kiddos make.

  • 3 kids who mug for the camera + 1 oblivious baby. Yep, I think we might have a photo or two like that in the album. : )