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Show Us Your House: Kitchen Tour


I don’t know about you guys but I cannot get enough of seeing other people’s homes. I feel like that nosy neighbor that you catch peeking in your window. We have one of those on our street and I see her peeking in other people’s front windows all the time. She’s elderly so apparently that gives her free license to trespass and snoop. I’m going to remember that when I get old and use it to peek in windows too.

 I’ve never made it a secret around here that I am not a fan of our kitchen. It’s too small, the cabinets are builder oak and the pantry is almost laughable in it’s smallness. I want to overhaul the entire kitchen and expand it onto a portion of the back deck. It might just be easier to move. Or have a timely kitchen fire. Kidding, I kid. It wouldn’t work anyway, fire station no. 7 has a super fast response time. I’ve thought it through.

You can see how far my kitchen has come from the house tour in 2009 and the one from 2010. I’ve slowly made changes as far as the aesthetics of the kitchen without tackling the larger projects: cabinets, counter, appliances, paint. I’m painting the kitchen this year because I’m so over the green. The appliances are going to wait until one of these craps out on us and then we’ll replace them all at one time with stainless. I’m debating on whether to paint the cabinets, antique glaze them or stain them darker. Any suggestions, please send ’em my way.   Our garage door just broke so that ate into my renovation budget for the year.

This is how my kitchen looks today, and I even cleaned it up for you guys and everything. I’m nice like that.

I made a few changes since the last tour. I added the Ikea hanging rack with the ceramic pots on the back wall. I use them for the kids allowance, each post has the name of one of the big kids on it. We also replaced the sink faucet this past winter. The old one was brass and ugly and it leaked. The new one matches the new cabinet handles perfectly. I also added an area rug underneath the island.


I showed you the major clutter control clean out that I just did in the kitchen to get the paperwork under control. I like that this little area is kind of hidden from sight when you’re standing in the family room. See my tiny little hobbit size pantry? Sad isn’t it? It’s okay, I shed a tear too when I first saw it. I’d love to knock out the wall between the existing pantry and the fridge, take the cabinets down and make it a large pantry. Wouldn’t that be functional? Matt is not on board with my idea. Spoilsport.

The one thing I do love about my kitchen is the huge windows that overlook the back yard. They bring in so much light to the kitchen. I cannot stand feeling like I’m stuck in a dark little room, I need light and bright spaces. You can see my new faucet in this picture. Of course, it sits atop a sink that I hate but one step at a time. The wicker basket on the end of the counter holds all of the junk Matt empties out of his pockets when he gets home from work. I just could no longer handle all that mess on top of my counter so I gave him a spot to dump it. Worked like a charm.

There you go, that’s my kitchen. For now. We’ll see what changes I make before the next house tour!

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