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He Said, She Said: Salt & Vinegar Birth Control

{You know all those funny and/or stupid little moments that happen in every marriage but nobody ever talks about? Well welcome to He Said, She Said: True Stories where I give you an unprecedented glimpse inside the marital dysfunction. Your welcome.}

Setting the Scene: One night after the kids were all tucked in bed and Matt and I were foraging through the pantry for snacks.

He Said: I bought some salt and vinegar chips.

She Said: I hate salt and vinegar chips.

He Said: Since when?

She Said: Uh….since always.

He Said: I know I’ve seen you eat them before.

She Said: The only time I have ever eaten salt and vinegar chips is when I was pregnant. And I didn’t like them, I just craved them. So if you see me eating them ever again, it’s because I’m pregnant.

He Said: I’m never buying them again.

She Said: Pretty sure that won’t stop me from getting pregnant.

He Said: Oh.

She Said: Yeah. Oh.

The End.

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  • I love salt & vinegar chips. I think it’s a man thing. Anything we like, you should like too.

  • I love the “people who think I should be medicated” tag…LOL! Glad I found you on the Linky hop…I’m following with LF. I would love if you stopped by and followed back if you are not, so we can stay connected. Lori@ http://www.bleak2unique.com

  • Haha!!!!! Yeah, chips is not the form of birth control. 😉

  • Haha!! Love it! But really how can you not like salt & vinegar chips?!

  • Know you are begging for followers, I dont follow publicly but you are in my reader and is one of the first picks (a little based on what kind of post it is) if I dont have much time and only have time for a few posts. I wont choose you it it is a what did you miss post but most other things bring you quite high on my list 🙂

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    I am happy to be your newest lf follower. I am coming to you from the linky followers blog hop. If you’d like to follow back, I can be found at http://www.measuredbytheheart.com

  • This made me laugh out loud! I craved salt and vinegar chips with all three of my pregnancies but never eat them when I am not knocked up! Thanks for bringing some laughter to my day.