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Creating A Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Basket

I don’t know if you’ve heard but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I know, I was shocked too. This year Matt and I set a strict budget of $15. Not only does it save money but it forces us to break out our creativity. My creativity has been hibernating recently so it was quite a process to wake it up again. Where does one turn when their creativity is hibernating? Pinterest, of course.

Figuring out what I wanted to do was the first step. Right? So I took a coffee break. Then I had to work on what my little poem was going to say. And what candy I was going to use. I got some great inspiration from other people’s candy gram poems but I wanted to use candy that I knew Matt would like. I wanted my gift to be personalized for him. This was the part that took the longest but once I figured it out, I was off and running. I found all the supplies at Walmart.

I wrote out my poem in red ink, alternating with pink ink for the words that corresponded with the candy.

It Says:

My Dearest Sugar Baby (Caramel Apple Sugar Babies),
Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t Snicker (Snickers bar) but I just have to Espresso (Chocolate covered Espresso beans) that I think you are a Hot Tamale (Hot Tamales). And thinking of you always gives me the Skittles (Sour Skittles). It’s no secret that I’m nuts (Goobers) about you and I know we are “mint” (Junior Mints) to be together. I’d go all the way to the Milky Way (Milky Way bar) and back for us because I love you to pieces (Reese’s Pieces). You make the hard times Bear-able (Gummy Bears) and the good times sweeter (Sweet Tarts). I’d never chews (gum) anyone other than you. Just be-twix (Twix bar) us, we always share a red hot (Red Hots) love even with the kids (Sour Patch Kids) around. I love you!

I wrote it out instead of printing it because the kids used all my printer ink to print out coloring pages. Sigh. I was going to write it on pink construction paper and glue it to red cardstock but the kids used all my construction paper…and all the glue. And all the red cardstock. So I wrote it on the back on an index card which I taped to a red envelope. Improvising is a way of life when you have kids. I taped it to a pencil so it would stand up in the bucket.

And of course, the bucket was too small for all the candy. Snort. Why would that surprise you, that’s the way I roll. So I hunted down a basket that was not being used for anything and re purposed it. I lined it with the festive heart tissue paper and taped the pencil to the back so it would stand up. All that was left was to add the candy.

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It turned out so much better than I expected. The best part? I stayed within our $15 limit! Here’s the breakdown:

Basket- Free
Tissue Paper- $0.98
Candy- $13.89

Oh yeah! I can’t wait to see what Matt comes up with. Last year our budget was $50 each and he brought home a pair of 1/2 ct diamond earrings…he doesn’t do so great with gift budgets.  I’m okay with that. Ha!

One more look at my Valentine’s Day Creativity at work.

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