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Creating a Functional Hall Closet System


It’s already time to link up our progress for the first time! Luckily I have completed one of my projects- The Front Closet! I may need therapy by the time I’m done with this challenge.


HERE is my original post that details what I’m organizing this month, just in case you missed it.


This is what my front closet looked like last month:




Oh the shame. The shame.


I have worked my little booty off for the past week to get this closet done. I drive Matt crazy because I don’t do anything half way. Go Big or Go Home is my motto.


I designed the closet that I wanted- functional, pretty and organized. Then I charged Matt with building it. Hey I did all the designing, people. Why should I have to do everything?


Matt brought my design to life and the end result was even better than I imagined.



I took everything out of the closet and painted it. I removed the hanging rod and all the hardware. We bought the white cube system at Tar*get and got the overhead and side shelves at Home*Depot. Matt secured them all together and added a fancy shmancy shelf support for safety.




I picked up the 4 double hooks on clearance months ago with no idea what to do with them. But for $0.99 each, I wasn’t going to pass them up! I had just enough for one per kid.





Each kid got their own canvas bin to store their hats, gloves, scarves, bags, etc. Nothing it allowed in those bins except for the aforementioned items. It will make getting ready to leave the house so much faster in the mornings.





On the top shelf I have a canvas bin to hold the dogs sweaters (he’s a Boston and he’s sensitive to cold weather, don’t judge). Those cool striped boxes came from Ikea (aka- My Happy Place) and are the perfect size to serve as the kids Memory Boxes. They were 2 for $4.99! For 2 years I have had the kids memory boxes stored in the attic, which meant that there were piles of things waiting for Matt to take up to the attic because HELLO? there are spiders in the attic. By storing them in the front closet, I can reach them easily and drop things inside like school pictures and art projects as they come into the house.





Each kid gets one hook to hold whichever jacket or coat is in season. Right now, their winter coats are hanging in the closet and their spring jackets are hanging in their bedroom closets. They also are only allowed to keep one pair of shoes in their cubby because I’m tired of the overflowing avalanche of shoes that fall out everywhere anytime I open this closet. Their other shoes must either be in their bedroom closets or in the wicker bin in the family room by the garage door. No exceptions to this rule!





We planned the height of the double hooks specifically so the big kids could hang up their own bookbags and coats. Zoey doesn’t have a bookbag so I’m going to hang the diaper bag on her top hook. I even had enough room on the side to make a little spot for my floor steamer. You can’t see in the pictures but there is a small hook just inside the door where Bailey’s leash can hang.  Matt and I hang our coats and jackets in a second closet near the garage. I wanted this closet to be specifically for the kids- to help cut down on the “where are my shoes?” “where is my hat?” “who took my gloves?” junk that goes on 30 seconds before we’re scheduled to leave the house in the morning for school.




One last close up of the Organized Goodness.  Ahhhhhhh….now on to part 2 of the challenge.

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