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Hey 2011- Suck it. I’m so over you…..

I am ready for 2012! So ready for a fresh start, a new year, a shift in our lives. Matt and I have been talking for months about the kind of lifestyle we want for our family and we have some goals to reach that lifestyle in the upcoming year. I have a more detailed list that is coming soon but wanted to document our goals separately. We’ve already taken major steps during 2011 towards the vision we have for our family but we know we have more changes to make. One of the biggest life changing goals was for Matt to find a new job and he did. In June he accepted a promotion that moved him into the investments division of the bank. It came with a very nice raise and even more importantly, a much more family friendly work environment. He has the option to telecommute when necessary and he is not tied down to a 9-5 workday with a boss (or clients) micromanaging his day. It has been awesome for decreasing his stress level and increasing his job satisfaction as well as for allowing us to have the kind of family life we’ve envisioned for years. It feels like we are finally moving in the direction that we’ve wanted to go for a long time. We are really excited to see what the year holds for our family.

Lifestyle Goal #1- Streamlining Our Lives
This includes everything from decluttering our house to being more purposeful about what activites we commit to.

Lifestyle Goal #2- Focus on Family
Our family, that is. We want to do more activities with the kids, plan more vacations, make more day trips. We want to spend more time out of the house this year, more spontaneous day trips, exposing the kids to new things.

Lifestyle Goal #3- Health and Fitness
This includes everything from yearly physicals and dental exams for the family to better eating habits to more physical activity.

Lifestyle Goal #4- Household Management
It takes work to run a household of 6. There’s a lot of coordinating and planning and shuffling that has to be done for everything to run efficiently. I have some specific goals in mind to make running this household smoother and less stressful.

Lifestyle Goal #5- Family and Friends
We were a little reclusive last year, for obvious reasons. But now I’m ready to back into the world. We want to go to more events, have more parties, enjoy our friends more. Plus the kids really got the short end of the stick last year as far as playdates and parties. That will change this year.

Lifestyle Goal #6- Finding Myself
This is a big one for me this year. It’s certainly no secret that I’ve been struggling for the past year and a half. This year I am determined to put all that shit behind me. I will find my way out of this stupid PPD cycle crap. I will be free and I will be happy. I will enjoy my life.

Lifestyle Goal #7- Love Our Home
We have considered our options this last year. Stay in our home, move to a new home…..we could move if we wanted to but it really doesn’t make good financial sense to sell and move right now with the economy and real estate market in the toilet. Instead, I will be working on turning our current home into what we want it to be. We love our neighborhood and our neighbors. The kids love their school. So we will stay here and I will spend time this year updating and redoing our home.

Lifestyle Goal #8- Making and Preserving Memories
The kids are growing so fast. So very very fast. I’m already forgetting things that I thought I would remember forever. This year I will spend time preserving memories. I have lots of ideas on how I’m going to do that. On top of that I want to make sure that we make some new memories too.

Those are our main goals for our family for 2012. More details coming soon…..

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  • LOVE it. We had a stressful year in some ways last year….in different ways maybe from yours, but stressful nonetheless and I swear to God, my list for 2012 looks almost EXACTLY like yours. Right down to the new job for hubby. Cuhrazy. We are two peas in a pod, chica. 😉