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He Said, She Said: Cleaning The Mess

You know all those stupid and/or funny little moments in a marriage that make you shake your head and wonder if you’re losing your mind? We have lots of those around here in The Semi-Domesticated House. I’m going to share some of them so you can giggle at the sheer ridiculousness that is marriage. Welcome to the He Said, She Said: True Stories series.

Setting the Scene: One night last week around 1am as Matt and I were getting ready to go to bed. I was already upstairs and heard some naughty words coming from the kitchen. I did not investigate because I did not want to know. The following took place when Matt arrived in the bedroom.

He Said: I spilled a whole cup of the kids juice down the back of the fridge shelf.

She Said: Did you clean it up?

He Said: I’ll do it tomorrow.

She Said: So basically that means I will get to do it tomorrow because there’s no way you will do it before you go to work.

He Said: I’ll do it when I get home tomorrow night.

She Said: No, don’t worry. I’ll dismantle the whole fridge and clean it while cursing your name and plotting to poison your dinner.

He Said: Can’t we just buy a new fridge?

She Said: No, it’s ok. I will clean it. Then I’ll poison your dinner, you will have a raging case of the shits and all will be right with my world again.

The fridge was sparkling clean when I got up the next morning.

The End.

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  • Okay, I love that. Sounds like the conversations that take place in my house. I may have to borrow the poison your dinner line. LOL!

  • LOVE IT!

    To bad I have a deal with my other half that I do all the cleaning as long as he does the dishes. Can you tell I hate doing the dishes?? (No space for a dishwasher in the kitchen,) the day we get a diswasher we will reassign what gets done by who!