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It’s time to show out updated playroom! I love having a playroom but I hate that it’s the very first thing that you see when you walk in to our house. If we were looking to buy a new house, the very first thing on my must have list would be a playroom upstairs with a door!

Here is what my playroom looked like before:

It was very obviously a playroom. Ha! We had it like this for quite a long time and then I got tired of it. I wanted it a little more grown up with more seating. So once again, I redecorated. We brought the sectional sofa in from the family room when we bought new leather couches.

Here is what it looks like now:

I really did hate covering up the fabulous windows but I did not like people being able to look right in our windows once the trees dropped all their leaves. So we bought some wooden blinds to hang. I normally keep them open during the day and close them at night, which is why they are closed in these pictures. I had to wait for the kids to go to bed so I could get pictures that didn’t have little people and 5,000 toys all over the place. Ha!

I found the great alphabet rug on clearance at Target for $22 a few months ago and snapped it up! The khaki part is made of a braided type of material, almost like jute, and the green letters are plush chenille! The kids can pretty much do anything to it and the rug still looks brand new!

I love the way the entertainment area turned out. It’s the same television and the same bookcases from before but I brought out the old coffee table that one of the kids broke the doors off and decided to use it as the tv stand. I changed out the colorful fabric bins for more neutral ones. The bins are holding all the small toys: Little People, mega bloks, Dora house toys, cars, snap n style dolls, etc. The baskets under the tv hold all the kids movies. I painted the green rectangle under the black stripe and added a picture of a map that used to be framed. We bought the picture on our honeymoon and the frame broke so I used an old mirror frame that I painted cream. I painted the stars on the wall in two different sizes because that wall is so long and so tall, it looked strange to not have something accenting above the bookcases. I hung our wooden sign that says “Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often” on the black stripe. I’m still looking for something to accent on either side of the sign, just haven’t found the perfect thing yet.

We have a lot of big toys that I wanted to try to hide as much as possible. I put a 2 drawer bin behind the armchair that holds the larger vehicles and toys. I also cleaned out the hall closet to hold the Little People house, castle, airport, etc so they are out of sight. It’s a lot easier to keep clean now that the toy all have a home and I don’t have to freak out when someone comes to the door unexpectedly. The kids still have somewhere to play but they can all sit on the couch together without fighting! That is a win/win, friends!

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