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It’s Dining Room tour time over at Kelly’s Korner and my dining room has evolved since the last time we did the tour. HERE is my post from the last tour. And this is what my dining room (that was being used as a bar area) looked like last time:


We started out with a formal dining room and we never ever used it so we turned it into a fun bar area that overlooked the playroom. We ate our meals in our dining nook that is adjacent to the kitchen and family room:

But with the addition of our last two kids, this space is just too small for us to eat comfortably. We were eating in shifts and I don’t like that, I wanted to have normal family dinners with everyone eating at the same time. So I turned the dining nook into a baby care area:

After I transformed that space, I had to turn the bar back into a dining room. Really all I had to do was put the leaf back into the dining table, add 2 more chairs and rearrange the space a little bit. I really dislike having carpet under the main dining table but soon we will be putting in all new hardwood floors throughout the house so for now, we deal with it…..and get a lot of use out of our steam cleaner.


Kelly’s Korner House Tour 2010:

Living Room
Master Bedroom

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