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It’s my very favorite part of the weekly Show Us Your Life tour at Kelly’s Korner. CHILDREN’S BEDROOMS! Woo hoo! I love looking at kids bedrooms and nurseries.

HERE is my post from the last kids bedroom tour. None of the bedrooms look the same this time and 2 of them have been swapped around.

Here is what Maia’s room looked like last time:

And this is what it looks like now, complete with a picket fence! Details on how I did her room are HERE:

The Big Boy’s room has now become just Ty’s room since Cam is mainly living at my parent’s house. Ty and Mase switched bedrooms awhile back because our across the street neighbors have a teenager with a garage band. Yes, a garage band. In their garage. Their garage that faces what used to be the nursery. The band practices every afternoon during what was Mase’s naptime. So rather than start a neighborhood feud, it was easier to just switch bedrooms.

This is what The Big Boy’s room looked like last time I did the tour:

And this is what Ty’s new room looks like, complete with a whole new space theme that includes the glow in the dark hanging planets over his bed and the wall mural of the planets! Cam has a trundle mattress under Ty’s bed so he has somewhere to sleep when he comes to stay with us. (I have no idea why there are so many orbs in these pictures, kind of freaky).

And finally, Mase’s room. This is what his nursery looked like last time:

And this is his new redone bedroom, with a big boy bed. We bought him the cool loft bed at Ikea with the tent. He loves having a little play area under his bed!

Those are my kids bedrooms. Poor baby Zoey doesn’t have her own nursery, right now she has a crib in the corner of our bedroom. When Mr. Garage Band across the street goes to college, we will be moving rooms around yet again. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my kids rooms, I can’t wait to see some of the other rooms on the tour!

Kelly’s Korner House Tour 2010:

Living Room
Master Bedroom
Dining Room

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