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I know, I just finally posted my living room tour yesterday and it’s already time to share Master Bedrooms on Kelly’s House Tour. I’m a little behind but I’ve been just a little bit busy adjusting to life with a newborn again. How quickly you forget the newborn stage. Ha!

So this week is Master Bedrooms. HERE is my master bedroom post from the last House Tour.

Not great. Actually…..pretty bad. Okay….really bad. But like I said last time, the bedroom set was free from my parents when we moved and you can’t beat free. My plan was to buy a new king size bedroom set this year but then we had a baby….and bought new leather couches. So the bedroom will be getting a face lift in the Spring at tax return time. I already have what I want picked out and I cannot wait to upgrade to a King Size bed….especially since we have a toddler who likes to climb in bed with us at 3am every day.
Here is what the Master looks like today, well not actually today but a few weeks before I set up all the baby paraphernalia that has taken over our room.

We’re getting the whole bed set at Ikea….I loooooooove Ikea. I chose the Hemnes bedroom set because it’s classic and stylish without being too ornate and overdone. These are the pieces I’ve chosen:

Kelly’s Korner House Tour 2010:

Living Room

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