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I was so super excited to see that Kelly is doing the Friday House Tour again this year! I loved participating last time around and got some great ideas for decorating. I think just about every room in our house with the exception of Maia’s room is different this year so I’m going to participate again!

Just a refresher. HERE is my Living Room post from the last tour. And for you lazy folks, this is what it looked like during the last tour:

Almost everything in this room is different this year. It’s technically our family room but since we turned the formal living room into the playroom, this is the only adult space in the house.

This is the family room today.

This is the view from the kitchen. We just bought the new reclining leather sofas a couple of weeks ago. I found the huge rug on clearance at Target for under $50 a few months ago and the leather storage ottoman is also a sale find from Target. The throw pillows were a clearance find at Walmart for $6 each! You might recognize the table in the corner from our dining nook last year. It just wasn’t working, we could not fit 6 people around the table to eat so it didn’t get used. I repurposed it as the homework table for Ty and Maia. It’s perfect, it faces away from everything else in the room so there are no distractions while they are doing their homework. And of course, Baby Zoey’s new Sweetpeace swing takes up a good chunk of floor space. But she loves it and sleeps great in it so I’ll gladly sacrifice the extra space for some extra sleep!

The view coming from the playroom. I have no idea why the couches look two different colors, they aren’t. My light settings are off on the camera, obviously.

And the view from the corner of the room. I still haven’t changed the pictures in my wall frames. Sigh. I found that wrought iron wall art over the television at Old Time Pottery for $5! It’s the perfect size for over the television stand and it matches the finish on the table lamps sitting on the homework table.

This is my Family Master Control Center. This is where I keep everything organized for our family of 7. I found the great hanging files, the bulletin board and the green file/pencil holders at Target on sale. I added the shelf that used to be in Maia’s room and found a cheap calendar to hang on the bulletin board. The pink envelope holds coupons (and Gymbucks ha!) and I have a place to put important reminders, business cards, invitations, etc. It’s perfect. I keep everything school related for the kids in the hanging files- one for each kid. I use the green file box to hold all the bills waiting to be paid, the stuff that needs to be filed and the stuff that needs to be acted on. My life is so much easier now. I open the mail and everything has a place to go. No more piles of paper on the kitchen counters. The kids use that older desktop computer for homework and playing games. Saves my laptop from abuse!

The final area in our family room is what used to be the dining nook. As mentioned, it wasn’t working for our family. It was too small and was just wasted space. I turned it into a baby area. This is what it looked like last year:

And this is what it looks like today:

Not as nicely decorated or as show ready but it works for us right now. Baby Zoey doesn’t have her own nursery yet and we spend all day downstairs anyway so I made this into her space with the changing table and the great cube bins from Target. Those are holding all her stuff that we use during the day. It’s perfect for now. I’m not sure what I’ll turn it into once we don’t need it as a baby space though, maybe a small toddler play area.

So that is our living/family room space. It’s where Matt and I spend the majority of our time and it’s a really comfortable area for us.

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