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It’s all in the details, right? I promised to show the step by step process to doing Maia’s big room remodel. Well here it is, never say I didn’t give you anything. What I should have done is clear the entire room prior to starting this redo, but I’m lazy. So I just worked around the clutter. I moved everything away from the walls where I was doing the picket fence and just kept moving stuff around to make more room. To prepare the room, I removed all the nails and hooks that were not going to be reused. Then I spackled them and painted them yellow.

Here’s a funny story for you- want to know why you can see some shiny spots on some of the walls in the pictures? Well, when looking in the shed for the yellow paint to touch up Maia’s walls, I neglected to differentiate between the Satin yellow of her bedroom and the Semi-gloss from the hall bathroom. So yeah, little issue. I had already touched up the entire room when I figured it out. I had to go back, prime those spots and re-paint them with the proper paint because you cannot just slap some satin paint on top of semi gloss. Ask me how I know this. So these pictures were taken before the re-touch ups were done.

The first step was to buy the materials to make the picket fence. I found the wooden picket fence slats at Home Depot for $1.47 each and I needed 13 of them. I bought the Valspar multi purpose primer that requires no sanding. I did lightly sand the slats however before applying 2 coats of the primer.

I did let each coat dry for 24 hours before applying the next coat, the primer is sticky and it will bubble if you’re not careful to let it dry completely. Ask me how I know this.

Once the second coat of primer was dry, I painted the slats cream. It took 3 coats of cream to get the finish that I wanted and I let each coat dry for 24 hours before applying the next coat.

While I waited for the paint to dry, I worked on getting the walls ready for the slats. First thing I did was measure, re-measure and re-measure again to make sure of where I wanted my slats to hang. I measured Maia’s bed, figured out exactly where I wanted the fence to end and divided it by the number of slats that would be on each wall. I had originally planned on hanging 2×4’s horizontally to make the upper and lower posts but I wanted more stability for the slats so I painted them on the wall instead. I figured out the height that I wanted for each post and taped them out on the wall. Note- use a level. Trust me. Once I had them taped off, I went over them with one coat of the same yellow paint that was already on the walls. It helped seal the tape to the wall and made sure that I got an even, straight line with none of the cream paint bleeding through under the tape.

Next step was to paint the posts with the same cream paint that I used on the slats. It took 2 coats to get the right coverage. I probably could have done one coat if I’d used the primer but I didn’t.

Next step- remove the tape. Thanks to the tip of painting the inside of the stripe with the wall color before using the cream paint, I had no touch ups to do. I got 4 really crisp, straight lines.

Next step was to attach the slats to the walls. Originally I had planned to use Liquid Nails but I was concerned that it would be really difficult to take them off the wall in the future so I went with super strength Gorilla wood glue instead. This was the most tedious part of the whole remodel. I coated the back of each slat with the glue, positioned it on the wall and had to hold it with one hand while using the level with the other hand to make sure it was straight and even. Once I made sure the position was correct, I used painters tape to secure the slat to the wall. Gorilla glue is strong but it has to set, preferably for 24-36 hours.

Once I was sure that the glue was set, I removed the tape and tested the slats. They were totally secured to the wall, no wiggle or movement at all. Then I got to the fun part. I moved her bed into position and got to decorate. I bought 2 packs of the wall decals that matched her bedding set and created her wall scenes.

I had enough decals to make the flowing flowers off of the picket fence and decorate the closet doors, neither of which were in my original plans but I love both details. I did her entire room for under $250. I already had the cream paint, and I re-used her white bed skirt.

Here’s the breakdown:
$19.50- fence slats
$9.99- the primer
$47.99- the quilt and sham set
$14.99- the sheet set
$16.99- the owl pillow
$12.99- the polka dot pillow
$25.99- 2 sets of wall decals
$19.99- the throw rug
$14.99- the side table
$24.99- the lamp
$12.99- the mushroom night light
$17.99- the valance
The look on Maia’s face when she saw the room was priceless. Worth so much more than the money spent.

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