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It’s that time again, folks. Time to show another part of your house! This week is garages and yards. I would love to show you the garage but you would fall over from shock and horror at the amount of clutter that has magically managed to find it’s way inside. It’s embarrassing and nobody deserves that kind of a shock on a Friday morning. So I shall spare you all.

This is the front of the house. We have another bed of plants and flowers that is not shown in the picture. Matt is solely responsible for keeping the plants alive and well kept. I have a black thumb. I’m not kidding. Not even a little. Next year we are going to be replacing the roof and replacing the hardboard siding with premium beadboard vinyl siding. I cannot stand the blue siding, in fact it was almost a deal breaker for me when we were looking at houses. We almost didn’t even go inside this house. And don’t even get me started on hardboard siding, what a disaster! We live in the hot and humid south. Hardboard siding is prone to wood rot in such climates. We’ve spent several thousands of dollars over the past few years fixing wood rot. I’m over it. So next summer our house will be a nice neutral dark khaki instead of bright ass blue.

Our back deck is pretty large, it stretches across the entire length of the house and has several tiers to it. I can’t find a picture that shows the entire deck all at once and I’m too lazy to go take one right now. Ahem. This picture shows the hot tub that is sunken into the gazebo side of the deck. We love this hot tub. The original owners were going to remove it because it was broken and we asked them to just leave it. It’s a 12 seater hot tub that would have cost us around $8500 to replace because of the shape and size of it. It ended up costing us only a few hundred dollars to fix what was wrong and then another few hundred to buy a child proof lid. Worth the investment. This picture is from last fall, hence the leaves and the still alive Begonia plants. They have since been murdered by me died and been replaced by Ferns. Let’s see how long it takes me to kill them. We really want to put some kind of a cover over the gazebo but we haven’t decided what kind yet.  It’s murder trying to keep the leaves out of the hot tub when the cover is off.

Here is a shot of the hot tub being used by the kids and my sister. From this angle you can see the french doors leading to the family room and the first tier of the deck.

Here is the view from the back deck into the yard below. That is the kids gigantic play set that takes up half the yard. This picture is from the day they came to install it so we have since mulched the entire area. It looks better now and I really should go take a new picture but again, the whole lazy thing.

This picture shows part of the other side of the deck, complete with Matt and Ty working the grill.

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