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This week is master bedrooms and mine is a hot mess right now. I mean, really. A Hot Mess. I just cleaned out the kids closets and all the excess ended up in our room while I sort through it. I’ll post a picture from last year before I finished decorating though.

The room is large, which is good and bad I guess. Great that we have so much room, bad because it seems that clutter collects in our room. The furniture placement has changed since that picture was taken, the chest is directly across from the bed and holds the TV. We have a nice bench where the chest used to be. Oh and I have new curtains to replace those sad, sad ones. Sigh…..I may just have to go clean out the clutter so I can take new pictures. The room looks totally different now but still not all the way done the way I want it.

When we moved into the house, Matt had one request about the master bedroom. No flowers on the bed or the curtains. I was happy to oblige as flowers are really not my thing. I found this great brand new striped Pottery Barn duvet and shams on eBay and ended up winning it for $45 included shipping. We didn’t want to spend money on the bedroom set yet so my parents gave us the one that they had in their guest room. It’s totally 1980’s personified but it was free and that was totally within our budget when we moved. I know exactly what bedroom set I want and eventually I will talk Matt into upgrading it.  Eventually….

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