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It’s Friday again fools and you know what that means- another edition of Show Us Where You Live House Tours on Kelly’s Korner. Last week she did kitchens, which was so much fun. I got so many great ideas from seeing the other kitchens. I looked at all 321 of them. It was the inspiration I needed to get my bootie in gear to redecorate my kitchen. We haven’t done much to the house since we moved in, we bought this house partly because it was in move in condition- it was even decorated in colors that complemented our furniture and decor. We’ve been here almost four years now and I’ve been itching to make some changes. We just decided to stay in this house for at least another 10 years, until Mase moves onto Middle School, so I feel comfortable redecorating to fit our personal style with no thought to resale value. Example- we have a formal living and dining room. We are not formal people. I know, you’d never have guessed it based on the flowing scripture and eloquent poetry that I spout on the blog, right? Ahem.

So I turned the formal living room into a big playroom and the formal dining room is a full service bar. It rocks. It fits us and our life. What’s the point of having formal furniture and a formal room that you don’t want anyone to enter? It was wasted space. I have four kids. A Playroom is way more important than a formal room. Otherwise the kids spend all their time with me in the family room. I had a formal living and dining room because my mom has one. But I’m not my mom. I don’t have formal teas, ladies luncheons or garden parties….I have luau’s, hot tub parties and backyard BBQ’s. So I’ve been on a mission this year to turn my house into somewhere that reflects our lives, our personalities and our family. Minus the padded room and straight jackets, of course. I keep those hidden, don’t want to scare the neighbors. At least not on their first visit.

This is the view from the kitchen into the family room. I have no idea why there is a huge white circle on the wall beside the TV. It’s not there in real life. I tried to edit it out and as you can see, I failed. I assume it’s a reflection from the mirror. I could have taken another picture, but I’m lazy. Get over it.

Here is the view from the playroom into the family room. One of my favorite features of our family room is our fireplace. It’s gas logs and it’s perfect for keeping the family room toasty warm in the winter. I love the blinds inset into the french doors. We are lucky enough to have a pretty private back deck, thank goodness because otherwise the whole world would be looking at us in the hot tub and who needs that kind of humiliation. I had to close the blinds for this picture because the light was reflecting and messing up my picture but they are usually open to let more light into the family room. My next purchase is going to be a dark brown leather ottoman to go in front of the couch. We had a coffee table but one of the kids, who shall remain nameless, ripped one of the doors right off. I found the ottoman that I want on sale for $169. It will be coming home with me soon, don’t tell Matt. We’ll let it be our little secret. Ahem.

The view from the corner looking towards the playroom. We plan to replace the sectional sofa with a leather sectional and move this one into the playroom….sometime. This green one is only 2 years old but hello? 4 kids + Puppy + Matt = Need New Sofa. For now, I spend part of every day scrubbing the spills with Resolve Multi-Fabric Cleaner. Sigh…

That’s my favorite wall over there, it has the best of our pictures in the family frames. I pink puffy heart it. I found the frames on clearance at Tar-jay for $6 each about 6 months ago. Then I found the Hope and Faith plaques at Kohl’s in a set of 4 for $11 (the other 2 are in the master bathroom) and the metal stars were $4 each at Old Time Pottery. It took me months to put the whole wall together but it was worth the wait. I do need to change the pictures though. The most recent one of Mase was his 4 month nakie picture. Oops. I’ll add it to the To Do List. It will probably get done sometime in 2012.

It’s kind of hard to see the details in this picture cuz I forgot to turn off the flash. I could have taken another one, but again, I’m lazy. Deal with it.

Here is where all the bloggy magic happens. Well, not really. I sit on the couch to blog. Again with the whole lazy thing. I just finished this table earlier this week. It was a white dressing table that was just sitting in the garage waiting for a home. I painted it black, antiqued it and changed the knobs. I’m not sure if I want to paint the knobs black or not yet, it looks kind of ecclectic with the white knobs and I like that. The lamps had been in the attic for months until I found a home for them and they are perfect for this little bloggy nook. I found the Wall Words at Hobby Lobby for 50% off this week- the sale is good until May 9th, you should check them out. These say “FAMILY A Journey to forever”. And please, I beg of you, ignore the fingerprints all over my computer screen. I blame Mase. It certainly has nothing to do with my habit of eating greasy butter popcorn while blogging. Nope, not at all. Ahem.

So there you have it. The Family Room tour. I didn’t include the playroom pictures, I’m hoping Kelly has a Playroom tour so I can get some good decorating ideas. I can’t wait to see the other rooms from the tour. Kelly’s going to have to host a second home tour when we’re done with the first one so we can all show off our redecorations inspired by the first tour. Ha!

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