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Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner came up with another great idea. Show us where you live Friday. Every Friday she’ll pick a room and have her readers show pictures of their homes. This week is the Kitchen Edition. Now I will say that my kitchen is not my favorite room in the house. It’s pretty much exactly the same as the day we moved into the house four years ago. But I have great vision for the kitchen with granite counters, an undermount stainless sink, new dark wood 42″ cabinets, stainless steel appliances…..I can already picture it in my head.  Ahhhhh…..one day, like when all the kids are in college.

This is what my kitchen looks like now minus all the clutter that I shoved inside the cabinets because I’m a Southerner and The Momma would die if I showed pictures of the clutter to the whole Internetz. Just picture it redecorated and clean.

You’ll just have to ignore the clutter in the former formal dining room turned playroom turned storage area turned soon-to-be bar. I’m in the process of painting, rearranging furniture and buying large quantities of alcohol accessories to complete our big person only bar. I’m considering hiring a bouncer to keep the little people out. Not little people like real midgets, just little people like my kids. Midgets are welcome. As long as they bring some alcohol to share. Moving on.


 This is our eating/breakfast nook area. The kids eat here. The area is not big enough for a 6 person table and we have four kids. Sooooo, the kids eat at the table while Matt and I eat on the couch in front of the TV. Let’s just be honest here, by the time dinner rolls around I’m ready to sit far far away from my offspring. The couch is far enough away to be able to have a decent adult conversation with Matt in which we can actually hear what the other has to say but close enough to the table that I can put a stop to the vegetable missiles and mutiny going on. It’s a win/win in our house. Don’t judge me.

I found that sign above the doorway for $2 on clearance at Ta-rjay. Gotta love the clearance. Live Well*Love Much*Laugh Often is a much better sentiment than Scream Loud*Beat Children*Drink Alot so I try to glance at it every time I leave the room. Kind of like conditioning my brain. Pavlov’s Law for Mom’s.

There you have it. My kitchen and breakfast nook. Go to Kelly’s Korner and check out all the other participants in Show us where you live Friday! There are some great decorating ideas to be seen.

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