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It’s Friday. TGIF. Time for this week’s edition of Show Us Where You Live Friday over at Kelly’s Korner. I’m having so much fun touring everyone’s homes, and getting some really great ideas! I hope Kelly does an After tour so we can all show off the changes we made thanks to the inspiration from other’s homes.
I didn’t get to participate last week because we don’t have a guest room anymore. Hello? Four kids! I try to get the guests to consider the shed out in the backyard the guest room but so far, no takers. Ungrateful bastards.
This week is dining rooms. We used to have a formal dining room. Again, I refer you to the Hello? Four Kids! Our formal dining room is now a bar. And it gets a lot of use, let me tell you. It’s quite handy being adjoined to the playroom. I can referee fights and get my drink on at the same time. Although I’m still nursing Mase so right now it’s virgin Cosmos for me as I look longingly at the Captain Morgan bottle.
This is what our formal dining room used to look like before the kids took over the entire house

Then this space became the playroom for the kids:

Then the kids outgrew this space we totally gave up and let the kids have the formal living room as their playroom and we turned the formal dining room into our bar. I kept the Buffet table and used it as the actual bar. We bought 3 bar stools at Old Time Pottery for $15 each and I’m going to get the black cushion tops from Wally World. Matt installed my black shelves to hold the glasses. I found my Happy Hour sign at Tar-jay on sale. Matt installed a simple chrome towel rack underneath the shelves to hold my wine theme towels. The Fine Wine wall art by the doorway was on sale at Old Time Pottery for $10.

I bought the Wall Words at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and the gorgeous velvety soft black chairs came from Value City Furniture for $39 each. I kept the original dining room table and just took the extra leaves out to make it fit the space better.

I found the Family sign at Hobby Lobby (also 50% off) and the metal Bar sign was $6.99 at Old Time Pottery. I love the way they look together, very eclectic and different….which pretty much sums up our family and life. I bought the chalkboard wall decor at Tar-jay and I change the quotes on it every so often. Today it says “A meal without wine is called breakfast”. Ha! The black cabinet underneath used to be a whitewashed cabinet in our upstairs hallway. I painted it black and re purposed it for extra storage. Right now it’s holding the blender, the kids sno-cone maker and the sno-cone accessories. All the bar accessories- shaker, wine rack, ice bucket, tools- came from Tar-jay on sale. You can see how we blocked off the access to the bar with Maia’s Rose Petal Cottage playhouse and the sofa. The Bar is adults only, no little people allowed.

This ends today’s tour of the dining room turned family bar. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed it. I promise we’re not total alcoholics. A little lush perhaps, but no 12 step program needed yet. After all, we do have four kids.

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