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So if you remember back a couple of weeks ago, I told you that the closet organizer things fell off the wall. Right off the wall. Matt said it was a sign from God that I needed to weed through my clothes. I would like to point out however that it was HIS side of the closet that fell off the wall first. His side took my side down. It was not a fair fight. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is THE CLOSET FELL DOWN.

It is at this point in the story that I should mention that Matt grew up in a house where home renovation projects were a dirty word. His parent hired out a handy man anytime they needed anything done. His mother does not believe that woman can or should do any type of manual labor. I, on the other hand, was raised in a house with one of the strongest women ever. My mom can do anything. And I do mean anything. My parents, with help of one other man, built an entire 3 story, 2800 square foot house on the side of a mountain before I was born. The entire house. And not a modular house either, a real stick built, piece by piece house. They amaze me. Even now, in their 60’s (sorry mom, it had to be said), they do everything themselves. They just finished building an enormous multi-tiered deck on their new house. By themselves.

So the contrast between Matt’s upbringing and my own is somewhat glaring and startling. I insisted that we could do the closet ourselves. I was not wasting money on a handyman. I need that extra money to pay for summer camp for my children. Summer camp is cheaper than a 3 month stint in the nuthouse….trust me, I checked. So off we went to the home improvement store for some supplies. I knew what I wanted but there’s no way it would fit in our walk in closet. I am using the term “walk in” very loosely here people. Our master closet almost made me not want to buy this house. It is a joke, a very unfunny joke. But I have a truly fabulous master bathroom so a compromise had to be made. Not happily, but it had to be made. Sigh…

Here are my before pictures of the closet. Before as in before it fell off the wall.

Is that not a sad, sad closet? It’s ridiculously small and not well laid out at all. I couldn’t fit my winter and summer wardrobes in here. I had to put the off season clothes in storage and switch them out every 6 months. And let’s not even talk about the lack of organization. No really. Let’s not talk about that. I was scared of what I might find when we started cleaning it out. I had to visit my inner well of great courage just to begin this project. First thing we did was remove the closet door. Whoever designed this closet did not think it through. In other words, it was designed by a man. The door swung inward, which meant I lost a good 3 extra feet of storage space because of the door. We took off the door and I bought a gorgeous embroidered curtain that matches my bedroom and bathroom decor. The curtain is not actually hung up right now- that’s the 1% that is not finished.

Second thing we did was remove all the old shelving and stuff.

The next step was to sand, plaster and paint the walls. I chose to use the same color paint that is in our bedroom. It complimented the paint in the bathroom and well, I had a whole extra gallon which meant I didn’t have to go back to the store. Win, win. I managed to accomplish all of this by myself, while Matt was at work. My mom is proud. Of course, I did have a little help.

Note to self: Next time, make sure the paint brush is out of reach of short people. This will save you from scrubbing the carpet, the tile, the vanity doors and your kid. Just a thought. Chew on it.

My lovely sister was kind enough to take Ty, Cam & Maia to Chuck E. Cheese’s so that when Matt came home we could finish the closet while Mase napped. It wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. Just measure, mark the spot, drill the holes, insert the toggles with the brackets and viola– a whole new closet.

Matt couldn’t wait the five minutes it took for me to take pictures. He had to go ahead and put his clothes in the closet. He’s impatient like that. I love this closet system, it has so many different configurations to maximize the storage potential in your closet. I can’t believe how much extra room I have now. I can put both my winter and summer wardrobes in the closet at the same time.

I switched over to all wooden hangers. I’d resisted the change for years but figured since we were redoing the whole closet, might as well go all out. I found these at Target- 24 for $12.99. I love them. I wish I’d switched years ago, it really makes the closet look nice and it keeps our clothes nice and wrinkle free. I grabbed the baskets at Target too for some extra organization. My only issue now is space for shoes. I can only fit 18 pairs on the racks in the closet. I have a ton of shoes. At last count, I had 68 pairs- that includes boots, sandals, dressy, casual, athletic….you get the point. Right now, the rest are all piled up in the master bedroom while I try and figure out what to do. Matt suggested getting rid of half of them and offered to take them to Goodwill for me. I informed him that I will gnaw his arm right off if he dares try to touch my shoes. I was not kidding. Not even a little bit.

So there is my new closet. Once the curtain gets hung it will look fantabulous! Next project- the kids closets.


I hope my inner well of great courage is deep enough for that. Otherwise, I might have to scratch the summer camp and go for the 3 month stay in the nuthouse. I hear they have the good drugs…..

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