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Ty decided he wanted to have a Halloween themed birthday party this year, which worked nicely since he birthday is pretty close to Halloween. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the invitation but I was in a time crunch and it slipped my mind. They were super cute though. I bought sheets of thin styrofoam and cut them into tombstones. Ty and I painted the front of each one a mottled gray color and etched “RIP 7″ on them. I covered the back of each one in black construction paper and painted the party details with white correction pen. They turned out super cute! 18 out of the 24 kids invited came to the party and we asked them to wear their halloween costumes to fit the theme of the party. Matt and I had so much fun decorating for this party and we bought all the decorations and the fog maker after Halloween at Target and Walmart for 75% off! Score!

We had the party in the family room since mushed up cake and punch are more easily cleaned off hardwood floors than cream carpet. Ask me how I know this? Go on, ask. You know you want to. I had to use the flash for these pictures so you have to use your ‘magination. The main lights were replaced with black lights and the fog machine was pumping out the fog while we played a CD of scary Halloween sounds. Spooky. We covered the french doors, the fireplace, the windows in the eating nook and the chairs with part of a Halloween theme dungeon decoration kit that only cost $4 on clearance. That really set the tone for the decorations. I spread gigantic spiderwebs all over the place with some big, fake spiders. We got orange Halloween lights on sale and used them on the fireplace. I even hung a bat pinata from the ceiling light.

I roped off the kitchen from the rest of the party with huge spiderwebs and halloween caution tape. I hung the halloween themed tinsel from the crown molding and put all the food inside the “dungeon”. I found the “Autopsy room” sign for less than a dollar on clearance.

My sister and I made all the Halloween theme food, fit for little ghouls and ghosts.

We made Vampire Fangs in Blood (peeled apple slices dipped in cherry sauce), Monster Toes (cocktail wienies wrapped in tortillas and dipped in ketchup), Mini Witches Brooms (pretzel sticks with fruit roll ups), Eyeball cookies (vanilla wafers with white frosting and lifesavers) and Bug Juice Punch.  Instead of a cake, Ty chose to have those spooky Hairy Daddy Long Legs cupcakes in the second picture up there. They were super easy to make and turned out so cute for the party!

We had all sorts of fun Halloween games to play including Halloween twister, Pin the Hat on the Witch, Halloween bingo, Mr. Bones relay race and of course, pumpkin bowling. We were lucky that the weather was nice on party day so we were able to do a few of the games outside. After the games, they watched a spooky movie and ate Crunch Witches Brew (popcorn with all kinds of candy) to wind down before the parents started to arrive.

My Sister (as Dorothy) and Me (Meow)


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