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3 out of 4 of the little monsters have their Halloween costumes. And it’s not even the middle of September! What was that? Efficient, you say? Totally organized and prepared? On top of things? That’s right, I am.  This year…..let’s just say I have learned from past mistakes and leave it at that, shall we?

Mase is going to be a skunk. Very fitting according to Matt. Ha! Unfortunately Mase is not in total agreement about his costume. That’s ok, he’s young. He’ll learn. Halloween is mommy’s chance to dress her offspring up in adorable, sometimes amsuing, often embarrassing costumes just for fabulous pictures she can use in their senior slide show one day. Ha!

Maia picked out a super adorable kitty cat costume this year from Children’s Place.

Cam chose a great bat costume this year.  He calls it a “batman” costume so we’ll go with that.

Ty is still deciding. So many superheroes, so little time. Ha!

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