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And Another School Year Begins


Well summer is over and 3 out of 4 kids are back in school. Zoey starts her new preschool in mid-September and we’re slowly morphing back into a normal routine. The first day went smoother than I expected. The hardest part was getting the little kids out of bed on time. Ty- the one who didn’t rise from his bed until 3pm for half the summer- was up, showered, dressed, and ready to go by 8am. Maia also set her own alarm, got up, dressed, and was ready by 8:15. The little kids…they were more challenging. I had to drag Mase out of bed at 8:25 so he’d have time to eat and Zoey wandered down a few minutes later, completely confused about why she was up so early. Poor kid. 

I snapped a few pictures of Ty before he ran to catch the bus. He thought he could sneak out on me without a First Day of School picture. Ha! He went to school wearing jeans and a long sleeve top for some unknown reason but I managed to talk him into putting a short sleeve tee on underneath. It’s only in the low 80′s today compared to the 97 we registered this weekend. 




He looks so grown up now. I was looking back at the last few years and Ty just looks so old! This was his 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th First Day of School pictures. 




 After Ty headed off for the bus, because he wants no part of his mommy taking him to school, we did some quick First Day pictures with the little kids. 








 I did a collage of the little kids over the last 3 years for comparison and it hit me that my kids are so big now. Maia’s collage is 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade. Mase’s collage is Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. I can’t wait to continue the tradition with Zoey in the coming years.






 We braved the school parking lot with the other 1,000 parents so we could walk the kid in on their first day. It’s a tradition we started when Ty went to Kindergarten. Every year we have walked them into class, until they go to middle school and threaten us with death if we dare set foot in the hallways. 







I know they are going to have a fantastic year and I’m so excited to get back in the swing of things. I love summer. I love spending those long lazy days at the pool, and taking off to get Italian Ice on a whim, and sleeping in late. But I also love getting back into a schedule, and organizing my house, and being able to use the bathroom without an audience.