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31 Days Of Pinterest Inspired Fall Outfits For Busy Moms On A Budget



I’m participating in the 31 Day series with Nesting Place again this year. Last year I did my 31 Day series on organizing my house. This year I’m spending 31 Days working on my wardrobe. 

It has been years since I really updated my wardrobe. I’m ashamed to admit that on here but it’s the truth. This Spring I started to update and refresh my wardrobe. Now that I’m done having kids and finally at a consistent size, even if it’s not the size I’d like to be at least it’s consistent, it’s time to add some new, stylish pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve been a pinning fool for the past month or so, adding outfit ideas to my style board, and I started reading more fashion blogs, such as Pinterest Told Me Too and Get Your Pretty On, for inspiration. Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I can’t look stylish! 

I recently kicked Matt out of the master closet. Harsh, I know. I did buy a wardrobe for him to use for his clothes, calm down. I’ve come to the conclusion that a man and a woman cannot peacefully share a small-ish master closet. It leads to tears, bloodshed, and threats of divorce. So he and all his disorganized messiness were banished to a wardrobe. I took every single item out of my side of the closet. Every pair of pants and jeans, every top, every sweater, every pair of shoes, every bag, and every scarf. It all came out. Every item of clothing was tried on and judged harshly. The mom jeans from 2007? Gone. The old cardigan missing a button? Gone. The well worn black boots with scuffed toes? Gone. I was ruthless. I cleared out anything that didn’t fit. Then I cleared out anything that was in disrepair. Finally I cleared anything that I didn’t really love. 

After I cleared out I took inventory of what was left. Here’s a hint- not much. Ha! So I went to my Pinterest style board and starting making notes and finding outfit ideas. I made a list of what items I wanted to add to my wardrobe and then I went on a hunt. It was like a treasure hunt… except instead of finding money I was spending it. I’m on a budget so 90% of the fall/winter items I’ve found have been from stores such as Old Navy, Gap, Kohl’s, Target, Forever 21, and I found some great stuff on Zulily too. I added a few pieces from Nordstrom and I have my eye on some things at Anthropologie. 

When I was working on my wish list I tried to stay true to items that actually fit in with my lifestyle. No need for stiletto heels in every color when I haven’t worn a pair in 8 years. I stuck to jeans, leggings, skinny cords, a few skirts, and my all-time favorite rockstar skinny pants at Old Navy. I wanted some boyfriend cardigans, some jackets, some flannel button downs, some vests, some textured sweatshirts. I wanted coordinating scarves. I wanted boots- tall and ankle. I didn’t buy anything random that wouldn’t match. I even bought 3 new bags when they went on sale at Target. 

I’m excited to share my new Mom wardrobe with you guys. Every day this month (and then weekly after that) I will be sharing my outfit, complete with where I bought it and how much I spent, or some inspiration for an outfit I plan to re-create, or any great sales I find. Being a mom doesn’t mean I have to neglect my own wardrobe or wear yoga pants every day. I’m taking my closet back, y’all!