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Closet Confessions #1: Where It Started


We added 5 babies to our family in 9 years. That’s a lot of changes in less than a decade- both to my body and to my lifestyle. Before I became a mom I had a career that required me to dress nicely and professionally. I had meetings and people who I was in charge of and not one of them ever smeared peanut butter on my clothes. I had a fabulous wardrobe- trendy and stylish and expensive. Then I had kids.

The first time Ty puked all down the back of an expensive cashmere sweater my whole world changed. I tearfully packed away my expensive clothes in the back of the closet and embraced the yoga pants. In retrospect, that was the beginning of the end. Over the years we added 4 more kids to our family and my short hiatus from work turned into full-time stay-home-mommy-dom with no end in sight. That was an adjustment. At first it was glorious. I stayed in my pajamas till dinner. I didn’t have to leave the house if I didn’t want to. But soon the novelty wore off and it just became a routine.

That was almost 12 years ago. Those gorgeous and expensive work outfits have long since been replaced by comfortable leggings, hoodies, and over-sized tees. The mom uniform. Being pregnant several times gave me a closet full of clothes ranging in size from 2′s to maternity. 90% of which I never wore. Honestly I didn’t even know 70% of what was in my closet. Matt called it “The Great Beyond” and refused to enter past the doorway. 

When I got serious about my wardrobe overhaul earlier this year I started with a closet purge. It was a job, y’all. I seriously pulled out clothes that I swear I’d never seen before. I knew I was going to have set some strict rules for my purge or I would end up in the same situation. 

Purge Rules:

#1: anything that doesn’t fit now

#2: anything that hasn’t been worn in the last 18 months

#3: anything that is damaged or needs altering

#4: anything that is out of style

#5: anything that is uncomfortable or worn out

#6: anything that I just don’t really love

I started with the first category because it was easiest for me. I pulled out all my pre-kids clothes and added them to the donate box. No need to try on those size 2 jeans, we all know they aren’t going to fit. Then I pulled out all the maternity clothes because this uterus is closed for business. Donate pile. Same with all the stuff I bought to wear postpartum. 

I worked my way through all the purge categories until I was left with only clothes that fit me right now, that I really love, that are still in style and in great condition. That pile was a lot smaller than I anticipated. But I did fill up 11 boxes to donate. That left a whole lot of empty space to fill up. To be honest, I haven’t really shopped for myself in years. I was so busy shopping for my kids that I just grabbed comfortable clearance clothes. Now it’s my turn. And believe me I’ve been making up for lost time. 

Next up: Building my new wardrobe