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The New LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum

Zoey and Mase were lucky kids a couple of weeks ago when a brand new LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum and PAW Patrol Imagicard set showed up on our doorstep. You would have thought it was Christmas time at our house. And judging by the squeals and cheers, it was just as good as Christmas! 

31565_Platinum_PK01We are huge lovers of LeapFrog products in our house, going all the way back to when Ty was a little dude. We’ve owned all the previous versions of the LeapPad and the kids have absolutely adored them. The new LeapPad Platinum is billed as the biggest, the best, and the toughest LeapPad yet, with some really great features for kids. The LeapPad Platinum provides access to a kid-perfect web experience and a library of 1,000+ age-appropriate and educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos and more. 


The new LeapPad Platinum offers a 7″ high-resolution, multi-touch screen and a fast high-performance processor for a great experience. One of the great new features is the extended ability for parents to fine-tune the parental settings on the kid-safe LeapSearch browser for even more control over what their kids have access to online. The LeapPad Platinum is the most durable one yet, with a shatter-safe screen and wrap around bumper. It’s been thoroughly drop-tested, impact-tested, and compression-tested for durability! 

31565_Platinum_PR02The LeapPad Platinum has 8GB memory to hold up to 40,000 photos or 100+ game apps, two cameras and video recorders and 10 apps including Music Player Plus 10 Songs, Pet Pad Party, Pet Chat, Photo Fun Ultra, five utility apps, and a choice of one app download. 





PAW Patrol is one of my little kids’ most favorite cartoons. My DVR is full of the favorite episodes and honestly, I think it’s pretty cute too! They were so excited to see that our package included the PAW Patrol Imagicard Game. I was excited to see how interactive the new Imagicard games are for kids! 



New for Fall 2015, your child can experience gaming magic like never before with the all-new digital learning Imagicard games. With them, children are presented with new ways to solve problems with 30+ interactive trading cards that come to life on their LeapFrog tablet. Children use the camera to simple “capture” the card on the screen bringing one of their favorite characters magically into the game and unlock more ways to play. LeapFrog Imagicard will launch with 3 interactive games that feature favorite characters including LeapFrog’s Letter Factory, PAW Patrol, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Each game features LeapFrog’s Just For Me technology which personalizes the learning by adapting automatically during play, offering tutorials, and more to keep kids challenged. In addition to the multi-leveled downloadable digital game and interactive cards, LeapFrog Imagicard comes with a branded tin for easy storage, and a play mat for card sorting and offline learning activities. All 30+ cards are also digitally included in the game so children can still play the full game while on-the-go. 



My kids had so much fun playing the PAW Patrol Imagicard game! They had a blast with the new LeapPad Platinum as well. Zoey loved the camera and the video recorder. She has so many pictures of our  new puppies already. Mase is enthralled with the Teenage Mutant Ninja game and even enjoyed the Disney Frozen learning game with Zoey. They had so much fun playing that they even willingly took turns without fighting or arguing. That never happens! I love how easy it is for them to play by themselves without my assistance. Even Zoey, with her limited reading ability at age 4, is able to enjoy and use the LeapPad Platinum all by herself. And I can attest to the durability as our new LeapPad Platinum has already been dropped a handful of times. The camera is easy to find and easy to use and surprisingly, the pictures are pretty good for a 4 year old photographer! Mase loves using the LeapSearch browser and spent half an hour searching up sharks the other day. 

I completely agree with the statement that the new LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum is the biggest and best yet! 

We were provided the new LeapPad Platinum and the PAW Patrol Imagicard game for free as a part of the LeapFrog Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.